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10 signs to tell if your loved one is depressed

Reach out to your loved ones when you see these signs.

Every other week, news reaches friends and family of a deceased loved one and there is always the jarring discovery that s/he took his/her life.

In the fog of grief, it's always unable to clearly understand what could have gone wrong.

For others they are always left wondering what they could have done differently. What they missed. What they did wrong.


Mental health is a subject that is never really adequately covered.

Sometimes, your loved ones are going through things you couldn't understand or weren't aware of. For others, they are engulfed in a daily battle with mental demons you can scarcely imagine.

Before things ever get too difficult for your friend, your spouse or your family member- know what to look for.

Here are a few signs of depression.

1. Loss of interest


Also known as anhedonia, it is a complete lack of interest in things that used to make them excited. They have no zeal, no anticipation, they feel as thought they have nothing to look forward to. Nothing worth putting time in.

2. Troubled sleep

Depression can often manifest as insomnia. Your friend may be struggling to sleep or even sleeping for extended bouts of time and this is something they are unlikely to do.

3. Appetite

People with depression can either eat too much or too little.


4. Irritability

They get easily aggravated and struggle to make it through the day.

5. Suicidal ideation

They often think about or plan suicide. People with a history of mental illness will often think about suicide. They may not always carry it through. But you can tell with social media posts that have many subliminal messages to do with ending life or moving on to a better place or letting go.


6. Feeling trapped

7. Consuming more rugs and alcohol than usual

8. Talking about shame, guilt or revenge

9. Increased isolation

10. Talking about being a burden to others.


For any people struggling, you are never alone.


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