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6 easy tips to get rid of a cold sore

They are so annoying

Cold sore(eagles eye)

We all hate cold sores. It starts by getting itchy and few days after, you have a red sore at the corner of your mouth. It even gets worse if it finally bursts open. It’s painful and you will want nothing salty or sour close to it.

While not everyone gets cold sores, those who have them can tell you that it’s nothing you would want. Good thing is that they fade away on their own after sometime. But who has that patience anyway? So, we made it easier and got a list of simple ways to get rid of the cold sores faster.

Check some of them below:

1. Aloe Vera


You can find aloe Vera growing naturally just along the road and some people plant them. But you could also check at your nearby market to see if they sell it. Aloe Vera has inflammatory features and it helps in soothing the sore as well as the healing process.

2. Ice cubes

Gently press the ice cube on the cold sore for a few second. It relieves the itchiness and the swelling. Repeat it several times a day until the sores disappear.

3. Apple cider vinegar


Apply apple cider vinegar on the cold sore using cotton. Apple cider vinegar has antimicrobial effects which will help speed up the healing process. Apply it three times a day.

4. Garlic

Crush the garlic and apply directly on the affected area. Garlic also has antimicrobial properties hence making the healing process faster.


5. Lemon balm oil

Apply it on the lesion and leave it to dry. Repeat three times a day.

6. Honey

If you still have some honey left, you are good to go. Apply some of it on the sore and leave it for like 10 minutes. Then rinse it off. You can do this every morning and before bed.


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