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Natural ways to grow thicker eyebrows

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How to grow thick eyebrows (verywellhealth)

Thicker eyebrows are now the thing. Sadly, not everyone is blessed to have naturally thick eyebrows. But the good thing is that there are natural tips you can use to grow your eyebrows.

Below are some of the natural ways to get thicker eyebrows:


Growing up, we had castor trees all around our home. Who would have thought that the beautiful castor seeds we played with could become a highly sought-after thing some years down the line? Anyway, castor oil is known to be one of the most effective ways to grow thick eyebrows. Massage your eyebrows with castor oil every night and within a few weeks, you will see results.

You have probably already used coconut oil for your hair and skin. But have you tried it on your eyebrows? It does wonders. Enriched with vitamins and nutrients, coconut oil promotes healthy and faster growth of your eyebrows.


Just make sure you apply some every night and wash it off in the morning. For fast results, you will need to do this every day.

Massage your brows with warm olive oil every night and rinse in the morning. Alternatively, mix olive oil and honey, apply it on your brows and let it rest for 30 minutes before rinsing off.

Olive oil not only makes your brows grow but it also makes them darker.


Well, I know this is not for everyone. But hey, if you are not allergic to eggs and don’t mind the smell, then you might have just found a solution for your scarce brows. Beat the egg yolk until you get a thick consistent substance. Using a cotton ball, apply it on your brows and leave it for around 20 minutes.

Repeat this procedure twice a week until you see results. Eggs are rich in keratin and biotin, both of which enhance healthy hair growth.


You might already know that onion juice is great for healthy hair growth. Mhm, and what are your brows made of? Hair, of course. All you have to do is extract some juice from your onions then massage your brows with the juice.


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