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7 habits that are weakening your immune system

That’s why you keep getting sick

Sick woman(health.harvard)

When your immunity is weak, your body is not able to properly respond to pathogens. This leaves you exposed to infections and diseases. And all this could be your own doing.

If you are into these habits, stop them as they tend to weaken your immune system:

1. Eating junk


Your health depends so much on your diet. If all you eat is sugary foods and fats, you are weakening your immunity. Your body needs vitamins and other important nutrients to help fight against diseases and infections. I know vegetables are not a favorite to many but try eating even if it’s a small portion for each meal to protect your body.

2. Stressing

High-stress levels mess up with your hormones. Once your hormones are affected, your body is unable to respond fast to pathogens and you end up getting sick.

3. Not exercising


Yes, sitting behind the desk all year round without exercising weakens your immunity. You are busy yes, but always make some time to exercise. Poor diet, combined with a lack of exercise leads to obesity and obesity lowers your body’s ability to fight against diseases and infections.

4. Not getting enough sleep

Your body responds to inadequate sleep the same way it responds to stress. Sleeping helps your body to recover from both physical, mental and emotional stress. So, if you do not sleep enough, your body is stressed and your immunity goes down.

5. Smoking


You probably already know that smoking affects most parts of your body such as the lungs and the liver. But besides that, nicotine is also known to weaken the body’s immune system.

6. Dehydration

If you have not been drinking enough water, try moving around with a water bottle or placing it on your working table. This will remind you to stay hydrated. Water helps in flushing out the toxins out of your body enabling your immune system to properly respond to infections.


7. Poor hygiene

This may seem obvious but how many times do you forget to clean your hands before eating? It’s such small habits that affect your immunity. Even something as simple as forgetting to brush before bed weakens your immunity.


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