A quick hack to refresh your old box braids

Breathe life into your old braids

Braids (YouTube Annesha J)

Ladies, we all love box braids right? They’re so economical. You can literally have the same hairstyle even for close to two months. If you gym or sweat a lot, it might not be possible to keep your braids on for so long, although there are many tips and tricks on how to maintain your braids and you just need to learn the ways; like constantly moisturizing your scalp, oiling it, sleeping with a scarf and shaving off the flyaways for instance. But what about the edges and roots of the braids? When the braids get old, the edges and roots begin to look really unkempt thanks to the inch of hair that has grown. Usually, when braids get to that stage, most people take them out. However, if you’re not ready to take them out just yet, there’s a quick hack on how to refresh them and look brand new and all you will need is styling gel and tiny black rubber bands.

Note that this will only work for chunky or medium sized braids as when it comes to the tiny braids, it would be too much work to fix each and single braid although you can always refresh only the front and back part then tie the braids into a bun.

So, without blabbering on, let’s show you what you need to do.

If your braids are many, you can start by sectioning your hair into workable parts then start on one side and grab one braid, scoop just a little bit of your styling gel and apply it on your own hair, then secure that hair plus the braid with your black rubber band.

Repeat for all the braids or the braids you want to refresh, lay your edges, and you’re good to go!


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