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5 Kenyan chefs & food influencers taking over social media in food revolution

The art of cooking has been given a whole new meaning by a creative generation of chefs taking over social media and revolutionizing how meals are prepared.

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Powered by their culinary process and cheered on by millions on social media, the new generation of chefs and food influencers spare no records in their revolution in how meals are prepared.

In no particular order, the following are among the established Kenyan names in a long list of talented chefs and food influencers who have taken social media by storm.

Dennis Ombachi aka The Roaming Chef

Popularly known as the Roaming Chef, Dannis Ombachi’s culinary journey began during the HSBC Rugby 7s legs, where he travelled to around 18 countries each year, immersing himself in diverse cultures, languages, and food.


After making an indelible mark in the pitch, a life-threatening injury saw him focus his attention in cooking with an audience of more than two million awaiting and watching.

"My love of food is intertwined with playing rugby because it started when playing the HSBC legs. We used to eat different kinds of foods.

"I used to come back home and challenge myself to try and create some of the different dishes I had here and there. I think that's how the passion grew," Ombachi explained in a past interview.

The talented chef is not only generous when it comes to sharing his culinary skills, but also when it comes to the food and this has seen his followers grow steadily.


"From time to time, I cook plenty of food and then hand it out to the kids on the streets, so I shot a video one time of me doing the same. From that video alone, I managed to gain more than 300,000 followers," he said.

Chef Maliha and the Guiness Record

Exceptionally talented Kenyan chef Maliha Mohammed made news in August 2023 after shattering the record for the longest home kitchen cooking marathon.

For 90 hours and 15 minutes, chef Maliha did what no one else on the planet has ever done, in an awe-inspiring display of skill and unwavering determination that saw her surpassed the preceding record.


Needless to say, the outcome each time she steps into the kitchen is a meal that leaves dinners yearning for more.

She is among Kenyans who have earned their places in the Guinness World Records (GWR).

In 2019, she earned her place in the Guinness Book of World Records by cooking non-stop for an astonishing 75 hours.

Sueh Owino and husband's meals


Last month, popular TikToker Sueh Owino caused a buzz on social media and won hearts online after her latest culinary exploits that saw her spend 29 hours cooking for her husband.

Her rise to fame started a while back when she began creating her videos with the majority of her fans being men, and they eagerly shared her content, hoping that their girlfriends or wives would do the same.

The cooking maverick whose skills at taking care of her man impressed many and created a buzz with social media users sharing that she is providing an example worth emulating.


Holy Dave

After making a name for himself in media and entertainment, David Muthengi, better known as Holy Dave is making waves in a new territory with his culinary skills winning over his audience.

His culinary journey started unexpectedly when he recorded and shared a meal preparation, which unexpectedly went viral in March 2020 during the Covid-19 lock down.

Inspired by the success, he decided to keep on inspiring others and ended up winning awards in the process.


Holy Dave was crowned the Pulse Food Influencer of the Year in a star-studded category.

"Something that started as a joke the other day during the pandemic is now becoming a source of inspiration and entertainment both online and offline,"

"I didn’t win this because I’m the best chef online, actually I’m not even a chef. I’m just an average guy inspiring the average guy to jump in the kitchen," he confessed while accepting the Pulse Food Influencer of the Year Award.

Kui’s Kitchen

Cooking is not what it once was. Food influencers around the continent are showing us all new recipes, faster ways to cook and useful, nimble kitchen tips and Rahab Wangui of Kui’s kitchen is among those on the frontline in this revolution.


Known for exceptional food that is tasty and well-prepared, Kui’s kitchen is a household name in culinary matters.

For her, the journey started in 2018 when she hosted friends for dinner.

Impressed by her culinary skills, they urged her to share it with the world and went a step further, opening a Facebook and Instagram page that would mark her entry into the world of Food Influencers.

Among the accolades in her bag is The Pulse Food Influencer Award.


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