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Uchovu wa siku nzima - Why do most ladies troll TikTok star Sueh?

Sueh became famous on TikTok for cooking for her husband every time.

Sueh Owino

It is fair to say that many ladies who are active on TikTok may not appreciate coming across the song 'Shetani' by Mbosso and the late Costa Titch.

The song happens to be the favourite of TikToker Sueh Owino, and she includes it in almost all of her videos, whether she's preparing delicious meals for her husband or simply doing random things to show her love for him.

When Sueh began creating her videos, the majority of her fans were men, and they eagerly shared her content, hoping that their girlfriends or wives would do the same.


Sueh used to record videos of her husband arriving from work, and she would lovingly take off his shoes before serving him dinner.

Later on, she shifted her focus to recording each time she cooked for her husband, although she has never revealed his face despite people urging her to do so.

Whenever Sueh uploads a video, there are always both positive and negative comments, coming from both men and women.


Many people, particularly women in the comments section, criticize her actions, suggesting that she is putting in excessive effort despite the possibility of her husband cheating on her.

Some even go as far as predicting that she will eventually break up with her husband and advise her to stop showcasing her relationship and activities online.

When we look back at traditional African society, women used to do the most for their husbands, and what Sueh is doing was considered normal back in those days.

However, we are now in a different era where people tend to do the least for their loved ones and prefer employing house helps to handle the chores.


The people who frequently troll her often believe that she is outdated and that her relationship will not last, despite her continuous efforts to do everything for her partner.

In addition to cooking for her husband, Sueh once uploaded a video where she was massaging him, which received various reactions.

Some people applauded her and even requested relationship tips, while others simply trolled her.


Sue consistently excels in taking care of her husband, and there is a video where she recorded the entire process of preparing a cow leg for him.

Some viewers expressed gratitude as they learned a thing or two about the preparation process, while others remarked that they wouldn't go to such lengths to please their husbands.

Instead of going to the butcher's shop to buy meat, Sue usually prefers going to the slaughterhouse to obtain it, which often elicits different reactions.

After acquiring the meat, the next video she uploads will feature her preparing a delicious meal for her husband.


MimoK Sueh please take us slowly, sasa tuko massage na bado mimi niko kitchen niking'ang'ana na recipes. the pressure is getting worse.

Vannessah Candie💖 Hata hatamaliza kupika tumefika photoshoot, hii speed siwezani nayo.

LucyNdigaK Our husband anakula food kidogo hivyo anashiba?

teepriyanka Wueeh tushafika kwa shrimps while am still trying to find the banana leaves.


Naisiae Yvonne Nkatha Mnisongee kwa hii relationship sitasumbua I promise.... y'all will just see me food time.

Iambeckywambui 🌸 Ah Sueh hii pressure yako imezidi sasa tutatoa wapi banana leaves surely.

Magda I was to comment nikakumbuka my manz his following her but let me tell u Maina.


liz You should cook for yourself too aiii. I come in peace take a joke.


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