5 tips for those planning to travel by road this Christmas

Check out our five road travel tips and find some joy this holiday season.

1. Avoid peak periods

Peak periods could range from December 20 - 30. The trick, therefore, is to choose the time you travel, avoiding the really busy peak times.

If you can drive at night please do and if not travel as early a possible. If you are travelling from Lagos and commuting via public transport companies such as God is Good Motors or Chisco, endeavour to catch up with the first bus which leaves at about 6 am.

2. Load up

Make sure you leave some space for an emergency kit or a least a torchlight, food and drink, phone charger, spare clothes and blankets.

3. Listen to soothing Music

Pick a song that calms and soothes your nerves in times of stress or difficulties. Before you set out on your journey, ensure you stock up on MP3s.

Make sure you diversify the genre as there is no telling what mood you or your loved ones will be in when the gridlock sets in. You might find out that singing along to loud banging music might work better for the stress than slow music. Singing does not only get your mind off the traffic, it also changes your breathing pattern, which in turn lowers stress levels by slowing the heart rate and calming the nervous system.

4. Keep your cool

Even when things go wrong, don't lose your temper. The driver and people on the road have considerable power over your well-being so pick your battles wisely.

5. Have phone numbers for everything

Chances are you might get stuck, lose your phone or get robbed. So, write down numbers that are important to you. Especially those of your friends at your destination, hotel number and close family numbers.


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