9 qualities to look for in a woman


While we speak a lot about the kind of man every girl should look out for, we neglect the other side of the double-edged sword and have very many men falling for someone lesser, who don't do anything but spend the boys' money right before leaving them high and dry for the next hot dude that comes their way.

Well no more! Here's a quick checklist to tick before settling for the next girl. (I'm not going to talk about loyalty because ... what are you doing with a cheater? )

1. Futuristic

A good woman has things she wants to achieve in her life and can mention them from the top of her head and in order. She has a plan and you can see that she is already working towards it. She doesn't have to be successful, but a good woman is one that you can look at and comfortably say that you can see just how big she will be in a few years.

2. Beautiful personality

Son, as much as you want some eye candy, gets yourself some inner beauty queen too. Someone who will feel guilty for being mean to others,  a girl who will think back and put your feelings into consideration. She's got to have a good heart, a kind personality that accommodates your faults with the kind of ease that makes you want to change for the better.

3. Supportive

In an era that is so judgemental, you need a wing woman that can pinch your cheek and kiss it with love. Don't get this wrong, it would be a serious injustice to yourself to settle for a yes-lady. However, find a woman who you can turn to, confess your mess ups and know that the correction comes from a loving place in her heart, however disappointed she gets.

4. Has her own

A good woman should grow your bank account not put you in debts. She can pay her rent without your assistance and does not expect you to pay for her hair.  Trust me, there's a certain level of respect and pride that you will naturally accord her when you know that she can actually leave you if she wants to. Why pay for love when you can get it for free?

5. Realistic

Just like she expects you to be her anchor during hard times, a good woman will keep you grounded when things are not okay in your life. Get a girl that knows when to step up and be the strong one in the relationship. After all, you are just a human with the same kinds of emotion. A good woman is 'boys' as much as she is your lover.

6. A gentle heart

A good girl could be the loudest wherever she goes, the life of the party but when it comes to handling you, she knows how to tone down and treat you like her baby. It's okay to be pampered and you sure as hell deserve it.

7. Challenges you

If she doesn't challenge your mind then she's destroying it. Settle for a girl that will make you want to be a better version of yourself. A woman who will remind you just how much potential you have when you get complacent. And not just by words, but because she is also accomplishing things in her life that challenge you to step up.

8. No comparisons

It's no lie that men hate being compared and to be quite honest, you need to run from such kind of relationships. Seriously, walk away!


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