Being a mum is not an easy task and being a single mum is even more demanding. A single mum has to jumble between being a mum and dad at the same time.

After a long day at work trying, she still has to help her kids do their homework, ensure that they are well fed and are ready for school the following day. Once the kids are asleep, she is left cleaning the dishes and getting ready for the following day.

And even if she receives a fat pay cheque every month, she is human and still has the desire to be loved by a man. But not any man can fit into the life of a single mum and every single mum must be very careful when choosing a man to date.

Here are four types of men single mums should never think of dating;

Ever partying

If he parties every other weekend, stay away from him. Single mothers have so many responsibilities and believe you me partying is the last thing they want to do. A single mum wants a man with whom she can watch a movie indoors as she looks after her kids.

The extravagant

She depends on her only income to pay all the bills and give her children a good education. This therefore, means that she knows how to spend her money wisely and would not want to relate or date a guy who cannot think of investing in better things other than drinking and a lavish lifestyle.


By all means, you must stay away from this kind of men. If his only business with you is sex and nothing more, you have all reasons to avoid him unless you are interested in casual sex. Casanovas will be there for ten minutes and in the next 20 minutes they will be responding to strange calls from other women. They will then leave in haste with an excuse to attend to unfinished business.

Cry baby

You already have enough problems as a single mum and a man who is overly dependent on you will only make things harder for you. If he is always complaining of how bad business is, how broke he is, and trying to seek sympathy from you, run away and don’t look back.