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6 sure signs that you are tired of your relationship

Your relationship needs Jesus

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It’s not always that you have to fight for a relationship to come to an end. Sometimes you just get tired of each other. You feel like your partner is too much of a burden to bare and you don’t know what to tell them because they have not wronged you in any way.

If you ever feel that way, just know that you are not alone in this. It happens to most of us and it’s completely normal. If you can relate to these signs, no doubt that your relationship is tiring you:

1. You fight over small things


When you are tired of your partner, you will be irritated by the little things they do. If they forget to respond to a single text message, it makes you angry yet this was not the case before.

2. Communication is no longer the same

If you are careful, you will notice even the slightest changes in your communication patterns. If you used to talk every day but you only talk like four times a week, something must be wrong somewhere. Probably you are both tired of each other and you no longer have anything to talk about.

3. You don’t miss your partner as you used to


This explains number two. If you do not miss you, partner, anymore, then you will not make an effort to give them a call or text them.

4. You are tired of solving your issues

When both of you want the relationship to work, you will make sure it does. If you have any issues, you will talk them over and get a solution. If you are fighting but no one is interested in solving the issue at hand, both of you are just fed up with the relationship.

5. You feel like you are trying too hard

A healthy relationship just flows. You don’t need to force conversations or try too hard to impress your partner. It just happens effortlessly. If you have been feeling like everything is being forced including simple things such as a kiss or date, your relationship needs Jesus.


6. Sex is tasking

Sex used to be spontaneous and amazing but the thought of it makes you sick? You need help. 


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