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Couple arrested for allegedly murdering their 11-year-old daughter

Villagers from Kuresoi south are still in shock after a man, Benard Lang’at and his wife, Maureen Tabitha, allegedly beat their daughter to death after she attended a circumcision ceremony.

Lady mourning after receiving bad news

As reported by SDE, the girl was accompanied by her close friend to the ceremony that was going down at Barget Village in Kuresoi South.

According to reports the class two girl sneaked out of their house at around 5pm without her parents permission and by the time she was getting back it was already late. The girl then opted to hide at a neighbor’s place where funeral preparations were going on.

"Instead of coming back home, she sought refuge at a neighbour's home where funeral preparations were going on for fear of being punished," said Kibet.

Unluckily, the girl bumped into her parents who dragged her home before giving her a dogs beating. Her brother says he tried convincing his parents to stop but they were too angry to realize they had actually taken it too far.


The girl succumbed to the physical injury she received and was pronounced dead by 5am the next day. Neighbors’ close to the Langat’s homestead say the girl was heard screaming until 3am before they went to intervene. However, the damage had already been done and the girl could not be helped in anyway.

The couple is now being held at Keringet Police Station and will be arraigned in court after the police are done with their investigations.

This comes a few days after police from Busia were accused of shooting a 12-year old and her mum killing them on the spot.


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