Allan and Kathy Kiuna on the spot over Church collection, flashy lifestyle and expensive holidays

Allan and Kathy Kiuna in fresh controversy

The couple which recently went on holiday in Australia is known for their flashy lifestyles, expensive holidays and exclusive collection of top-of the range cars.

A local newspaper took the Bishop to task over the collections in his church and his flashy lifestyle that is a compete contrast to the life Jesus Christ lived.

The flamboyant bishop stated that unlike most Churches, his Church does not publicly declare how much they collect.

He instead said that the Church records are available to any member of the congregation upon request.

The flashy lives of the couple that is currently on holiday in Australia has drawn so much criticism even as part of their congregation struggle to cater for their basic needs.

A section of the public has accused the couple of using the proceeds from the ministry to fund their expensive lifestyle.

The bishop and his wife head the Jubilee Christian Center and a ministry of 15 Churches in Kenya and 5 other internationally are believed to collect millions in Church offering.

During his 50 birthday, reports circulated that the man of God of able means had been gifted a jet by his congregation.

In the interview, Kiuna disclosed that the expansion of his ministry makes it necessary for him to have his own jet.

The man of God who flies Business Class stated that it is “too tedious to fly commercial from one continent to another.”

Defending his flashy lifestyle, the Bishop stated that Jesus was not poor and neither is he.


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