Court stops NTV from airing Sins of Saviours expose detailing rot at the State Corporation exploiting children

Details of the rot at the state agency

File image of Edmond Nyabola at NTV studios

NTV was on Friday barred from airing an investigative piece exposing the rot at the Child Welfare Society of Kenya where children are allegedly misused, abused and exploited for profit.

The expose dubbed, Sins of Saviours that was to air today (01 September 2019) documented the untold suffering of the vulnerable children in the hands of their protectors who have turned them into a money-minting venture, embezzling funds with reckless abandon.

The investigations unearthed a scheme in which the state agency tasked with taking care of vulnerable children in the country are instead using the vulnerable children for profit, subjecting them to more misery and minting millions in the process.

At the center of the scheme is a Mrs. Irene Mureithi who, according to a separate report in The Sunday Standard, authored two letters used in the exploitative scheme.

So serious is the rot at the body that multiple interviews with its employees revealed that in one of their facilities, children living with HIV are given potato plant instead of ARVs with the money meant for the same ending up in pockets of individuals.

Physiotherapy sessions for physically challenged children at established hospitals were also stopped with CWSoK directing that the children be placed under something called ‘Green Therapy’, a mix of Chinese oriental medicine and ‘unproven physiotherapy methods’..

Those who questioned the worrying practices that put the lives of the children at risk were reportedly told to keep quiet and mind their business or risk being sacked.

“We and the other professional consultants we were concerned about the safety of the children, but people feared reporting,” confirmed a social worker at the agency.

The CEO of Child Welfare Society of Kenya, Irene Mureithi attempted to block the media house’s investigations before rushing to court to bar NTV from airing the piece.

"She left no doubt that she is prepared to do everything and anything to ensure the expose does not air by making unethical or virtuous to us claiming she knows people in high places."

"When all that did not work, she mischievously went to the Children's court, and using falsehoods and assumptions, got orders on Friday, barring us from airing the expose, Sins of saviours, this Sunday," NTV’s Edmond Nyabola stated.

The media house however assured its audience that it would challenge the order in court and will air the investigative piece that seeks to expose the stinking rot at CWSK.

"NMG is fighting at the children's corner and our lawyers are fighting to have these orders vacated. This documentary will air and those tormenting children will be exposed," the anchor affirmed.


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