President Uhuru Kenyatta on Tuesday moved to restore the diplomatic relations between Kenya and its neighbor Tanzania through a powerful message of reconciliation.

President Kenyatta's message was delivered by Kenya's Ambassador to Tanzania Dan Kazungu who called on the two countries not to allow the coronavirus to cause conflict and division.

Kazungu said Kenya did not have any grudge with Tanzania and explained the decision taken by President Kenyatta was meant to protect the region from the danger of coronavirus.

The envoy added that President Kenyatta does not regard Tanzania as a neighbor but as a country of fellow brothers and sisters who are connected in their hearts.

"We should not let the coronavirus pandemic be a reason to divide our people. We should use this opportunity to build on the friendship and shared interests between our people. Our enemy is neither Tanzanians nor Ugandans nor the Rwandese people. Our common enemy is this foreign virus."

"President Kenyatta told me to let you know that from his heart, he does not regard Tanzania as a neighbor but as a country of his brothers and sisters who are deeply connected as a family in the pursuit of business and shared prosperity," Kazungu stated.

The Kenyan envoy called on the Tanzanians not to be hostile towards Kenyan truck drivers after a senior Tanzanian government official insinuated that the Kenyan drivers were infected by corona.

"If you see a Kenyan driver driving across Tanzania, please treat them well and know they are coronavirus negative because we are working together to test them before they can cross the border," he added.