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The life of a President's Aide de Camp explained [Video]

Major (Rtd) Masden Madoka says what happened when the president interviewed him personally at only 22 years old, after firing his previous ADC for bad behaviour.

File image of President Uhuru Kenyatta and his  Aide-de-Camp Lieutenant Colonel Timothy Stelu Lekolool at State House Nairobi

The role of the president’s Aide de Camp has been misunderstood for many years, as some Kenyans refer to him as a bodyguard.

Although the position is only available to the best military men, the primary role of the ADC, is to be the president’s personal assistant, not security.

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s ADC Lieutenant Colonel Timothy Stelu Lekolol has been seen carrying the head of state’s speeches, bags and other personal effects on some occasions.


One of Kenya’s Army captains to be recruited into the role is Major (Rtd) Marsden Madoka who has served all of Kenya’s four presidents in various capacities.

In a recent sitdown with Dr King’ori, Madoka revealed he was interviewed by the head of state personally after Jomo Kenyatta was unimpressed by the soldiers that had been recommended by his generals.

There was yet another officer who was selected by the army commander to be the ADC unfortunately he did not behave himself so the president fired him. In fact, he got him out of the army so at that stage, he told the army commander the next ADC must be the person he interviews and makes a decision on whether he wants that individual or not," the retired army officer.

Madoka would then be called for an interview with Kenyatta and former Attorney General Charles Njonjo.

Charles Njonjo knew a lot about me but I must say the interesting part of the interview is the last thing actually almost the last thing. He told me to take a newspaper and then they chose three passages for me to read, so I took those passages and I read them then Njonjo turned to Mzee and said Mzee, that is English,” the former ADC recalled.


At 22, he became the youngest ADC at the time but his bosses did not want to second him since they wanted to send Madoka for more training on intelligence. However, the head of state’s choice was granted.

His job also involved interacting with Uhuru and his siblings who were children at the time.

The good thing about Uhuru, he was a very disciplined individual and we got on very well. My wife is the one who knows more about Uhuru than me because she was responsible for Mzee’s children, making sure they go to school and so on and so forth,” he explained.

Madoka married Jomo Kenyatta’s social secretary Elizabeth Mumbi after they met while working at State House.

The couple recently celebrated their 50th anniversary in December 2021.


"The ADC is a personal assistant to the president, to be able to bring him up to date on the various programs that are ahead of him and so on. That was basically the role and of course you have to be a bit curious to know what's going on all the time so you have to work closely with the presidential escort commander to make sure that things are working right.

"Even when they are doing the overall program whether it's going to Mombasa, Kisumu, wherever...when they had done it, they'd still come and show what they've done and ask for my view and if they have ignored something," he explained.

Said that despite not being a body guard, that did not give him lee way to flee incase of a security risk.


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