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The sweet talk is now over. If in the first review we covered the basics of betting, like terminology, how odds work and different types of bets, it’s now time to go deep into explaining exactly how you can use 1xBet to score nice wins while supporting your favorite team or athlete. Throughout this article, we are going to approach betting from an expert-like perspective and give you the in and outs of boosting your profit using the bonuses, odds and unique features that 1xBet delivers for you. So, no more excuses, it’s time to learn how to use everything 1xBet offers and score nice wins by betting on the sport.

Real Life Example - Not Just Talk

Unlike other articles on this subject you may have read until now, we like to provide our readers with hard data and real-life examples. Doing so, we want to make it even clear that betting is an activity that can bring significant profit when done right. And to make it as real as possible for you, we’ve chosen an upcoming match that we’re going to analyse from every possible point of view. Of course, we’ll give you some tips along the way. However, the main focus goes on all the features and tools 1xBet already offers that you can use to make sure you’re placing a winning betting slip. So, buckle-up and let’s start our journey through the beautiful world of betting!

It may not come as a surprise that we’ve chosen a football match for our real-life example. There’s no point in telling you once again that football is the dominant sport on the planet and that over 70% of the total bets placed worldwide involve football. So, to keep things aligned with reality, we’ve chosen the upcoming Spanish Cup final game between Barcelona and Valencia. This game will take place on the 25th of May, so there’s plenty of time for you to get ready and make sure you score a nice profit on it.

 Features Available on the Match Page

 By simply logging into your 1xBet account, and accessing the Sports section, you can immediately identify this match since it’s listed on the left part of the screen, alongside other top competitions. Then, opening the match page for Barcelona vs Valencia, you be taken to what you can quickly call the dashboard for building the perfect bet on this match. The amount of information and details may seem overwhelming at first. However, we’re going to go through all the crucial stats to make sure you use them to their maximum capacity.


The first thing you see when opening the matching page is the central screen where you have a timer until the match starts, the hour in your local timeframe, as well as the stadium where the football game will take place. You may think you can get this info from anywhere else on the internet and that’s true, however, having everything in one place is fantastic. Now, the first thing that will truly help you analyze the match in terms of composing that sure win ticket: weather. Right underneath the match info banner, you get precious information about the forecast for the day and time of the match. Without having to access another menu, you get precious data about the temperature, precipitation, wind speed and humidity. If all this data seems too much for you, just think about the fact that Barcelona is a team that likes to pass a lot, and if the pitch is very wet, their ability to do so will be reduced.

Filtering Betting Markets

Continuing with the benefits the match page brings, you have the filtering possibility. Using this filter, that is located right beneath the weather information, you will be able to choose what kind of bets you see below. If you’re only interested in full-time bets, you can filter them like that. On the other hand, if you want to bet on corners, cards, fouls, tackles or many other statistics, you can do so just as easy. Also, if there’s a bet you can’t find, just use the search bar next to the filtering function, and it will deliver you results in real time.

Betting on Players

Just as many bets as you have on the football match itself, are available on individual players. You can maximize your profits by predicting that Lionel Messi will score a goal or that Suarez will have at least 2 shots on target the entire match. On the other side, you can try and predict if Rodrigo will have any scoring chances or if Santi Mina will be able to provide any assists during the game. The possibilities are endless and winning chances the same, just make sure to use our statistics and match facts to win more!

Bet Builder

A special feature available only at 1xBet, Bet Constructor allows you to combine multiple selections on the same game and bet on them with better odds. Most of the other sportsbooks will not allow you to select multiple events on the same game, however, thanks to the bet builder you can now create an accumulator with different markets from the same game. For example, you can bet on Barcelona to win and that Liverpool will have under 5.5 corners in regular time. Just click on the button depicting a crane and some blocks to access this menu, start adding various markets and when you’re happy with the overall odd, send them to the bet slip.

Always Stay in Touch

Thanks to the live streaming services offered and the instant notifications sent by 1xBet, you will always know what is going on. Even if you don’t have the opportunity of watching the game live, you will be able to take advantage of live betting thanks to the real-time feedback you get from us. Each attack, change of possession, foul, corner or out will be marked through instant notifications.

Odds Movement Chart

The odds movement chart is yet another reason why 1xBet is special. Other bookmakers don’t want you to see how they modify the odds according to the bets placed. However, we are all about transparency and giving you all the possible tools to win more. Checking out this chart will allow you to understand how they’ve been adjusted according to the bets so you can consider your final bet. For example, if you see that the odd on Barcelona decreased, it means that a lot of people bet on their win. So, with a lower odd it may make more sense to check out some corner or yellow / red cards bets.

Team Statistics

Besides all the features mentioned above that help you decide on which type of bet you want to place, 1xBet comes with a complete set of indicators and statistics that allow you to make a thorough analysis of the game you’re about to bet on.

Team News and Injuries

By opening the statistics section, you will get detailed info on each team including the latest news regarding injuries and possible unavailable players. Knowing if a key player like Messi won’t be available for the Spanish Cup final can play a decisive part as we all remember that Barcelona had issues against Levante as well when Messi wasn’t on the pitch.

Team Playing Style

Then, each team is analysed to determine their playing style in both offensive and defensive play, who are their best players by taking into consideration various stats and more. Another helpful statistic provided by 1xBet is the current form, which will deliver an up to date history for the team you are interested in. You can find detailed info like how many matches had passed without Liverpool conceding a goal or since when Barcelona didn’t lose in an away game.

Previous Matches

There’s also the head to head comparison that will show you exactly how the previous confrontations went. In our example, Barcelona won three of the six previous matches this season, while other three of them ended in a draw. Valencia wasn’t able to win any of the confrontations. However, they’re in a far better form than at the beginning of the season as they beat Real Madrid not long ago. And the previous matches are not limited at just comparing the earlier matches between Barcelona and Valencia. Also, they’re not limited to the internal competition, you will see all the games for each team in all competitions as well as each team’s record.

Match Forecast

You also get a match forecast, made by our football experts based on all the statistics that you have access to as well. Of course, we don’t expect you to follow this forecast blindly, however, taking a look and adjusting it according to your beliefs is a good option as well. Whenever you need a little inspiration, don’t hesitate to check this option out and make the most out of your bets.

Starting Lineups

This feature will only be populated before the match when the starting lineups are made available by each team. Even so, being able to know them before the game starts can influence your decision-making regarding the bet you place. For example, if you see that Ernesto Valverde decided to rest Messi for the UEFA Champions League final, you should think twice about Barcelona’s possibility to win the match.

Betting on Your Favorite Team with 1xBet

Besides this specific match that we used as an example, just by clicking on your favorite team you will open the door for a lot of different bets. For example, you can form a lot of accumulators, or if you don’t feel that inspired, we propose to you the accumulators of the day. The system is very simple, you just choose your favorite team, and then 1xBet comes to you with a set of accumulator bets with high winning chances. You just need to browse them and choose the one that looks the most probable for you, choose the stake, and you’re good to go. If the accumulator you’ve picked wins, you also get a 10% boost on the amount you win!

Special Team Bets

If the standard bets on your team versus their opponents are not enough for you and the accumulators are also not challenging enough, there’s more! You can easily access a set of special bets involving your team. Say that your favorite team is Barcelona, these special bets are long-term predictions on what achievements will they have this season or if certain players from that team will manage to get individual awards.

You can place bets whether the team will manage to win the domestic competition, however, for Barcelona that isn’t available anymore since they’re already mathematical champions. Another interesting bet you should look at is the number of goals that Barcelona will score until the end of the season in La Liga, how many goals will they concede in all competitions or how many points will they manage to gather in the remaining matches. Also, equally interesting bets with huge odds and massive winning possibilities are trying to predict who will be the next coach ( an option available even if the team isn’t in real danger of losing their coach) or guessing which players will leave the team during the summer transfer window.

Since we’re talking about a team that already secured a title and is in the battle for the other two, you can easily try to predict how many titles will Barcelona get in 2019. Will they manage to repeat the 2014 performance when they won La Liga, the Spanish Cup and Champions League?

We’ve mentioned individual achievements earlier, and the example we’ve picked couldn’t be more accurate. If your favorite team is Barcelona and you’re looking for interesting bets on individual trophies, you can try your luck at predicting if Lionel Messi will get his sixth Ballon d’ Or this year or not. The odds for him getting the Ballon d’Or are quite high considering they’re on a straightforward course towards the final of the Champions League, he is the best goalscorer in the same competition and in La Liga as well.

These are just a few of the most popular examples right now, the special bets on teams increase day by day and are constantly updated by the results they get and the new competitions they perform in. Also, since we’re talking about a very dynamic market, you should hurry up and place your bets since the odds can change from one minute to another. The previous example for Messi getting the Ballon d’Or is the best evidence!

 Advantages of Betting Online at 1xBet

We’ve been through some of the most important features that 1xBet offers in terms of picking your bet and analysing the games so that your winning chances are exponentially increased. However, if you’re thinking even for one second that that’s where the advantages of online betting stop, you need to reconsider. While there are many punters that still prefer the offline betting shops when it comes to placing their bets and watching games, if you choose to bet online you get an entire set of advantages that simply cannot be compared. In this section we’re going to explore the advantages you get when betting online at 1xBet vs the traditional betting shops or other online betting websites.


With 1xBet you can easily take your pick out of thousands of sporting competitions daily, and with just a few clicks you can choose which bet to place, add your stake, and you can start winning.

Live Streams

By creating an account with 1xBet you get more than just the widest offer of sports and odds a bookmaker can provide, you also get access to over 10,000 live streamed events. Simply log in to your account or create one and you’ll never miss an important match ever again. Even more than that, since live streaming is so easy to use, you can watch several games at once and use the data in them to place in-play bets and further boost your winnings.

Best Odds

Compared to other bookmakers, 1xBet always adapts their odds to make sure all customers can make the most out of their bets. With better odds and the bonuses you get, there’s no chance you won’t make a nice profit when betting on your favorite team.

Follow Multiple Games at a Time

Why limit your winning potential with just one game when you have the chance to watch and bet on several games to really make it big? 1xBet gives you this option and thanks to the state-of-the-art technology they deliver you can follow multiple games at the same time and place live bets on each of them to boost your income. Even if you had each game running on separate TVs, you wouldn’t be able to watch 3 - 4 games at a time. Thanks to the in-game stats and notifications, you will get informed in real time about everything happening in multiple matches at once so you can adjust your bets and win more.

Updated Statistic for Better Predictions

Using the statistics provided in real time by 1xBet you have the chance to foresee how the course of the game will change and place bets on future events. It’s not a myth, with concentration and quality data, you can be one step of the game and make a lot of money out of live betting on your favorite competitions. And with the 1xBet platform, that has been rewarded by the SBC with the Rising Star in Sports Betting Innovation award, you can be sure that you’re in good hands!


You’re following a game and feel that you’ve identified that bet that will definitely give you a major return but you’ve already played all the money you allocated for betting? No need to deposit money that you didn’t plan for. 1xBet has your back through the Advancebet feature that allows you to get some more funds to place other bets as long as you have unsettled bets on your account. To find out how much you can take through the Advancebet function, go to your betslip and click on the “Find Out” button next to the “Available Advancebet”. Keep in mind that you will be able to use the Advancebet for live bets or for events that will start in maximum 48 hours from the moment you request the Advancebet.

Fast Withdrawals

No other bookmaker or betting shop will be able to match the payout speed guaranteed by 1xBet. We all know that in betting, being able to get your winnings fast is very important no matter if you plan to place other bets with them or if you need them for other needs. Since they’re a punter-orientated bookmaker, 1xBet implemented an algorithm that allows them to pay most withdrawals instantly. Even if the algorithm doesn’t apply to all withdrawals, the very few ones that do not, are payed in a few hours.

 Closing Words

We know what you’re thinking. Why haven’t I been betting at 1xBet until now? And you know what? All what we presented above is based on a single game, just imagine the winning possibilities and options you get with the hundreds or even thousands of such games daily. The possibilities are really endless with 1xBet and from the moment you register you will get the feeling that you’ve made the right choice. There are more features launched month by month so make sure you subscribe to the emailers in order to get the most out of your betting experience.


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