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Online Entertainment in 2020

These are all great ways to entertain yourself online

Online Entertainment in 2020 (Courtesy/New Kenyan )

As technology continues to advance, the amount of ways that we can entertain ourselves and have fun also increases. Looking back even ten years, it is amazing to see how far the internet has come and the new options that it has for all of us. Whether you are looking to do some research or entertain yourself, the internet has a plethora of material available for you. Here are some of the top forms of online entertainment in 2020.

Online Casinos

Online casinos have grown in popularity this year, especially due to the pandemic shutting everything down. Online casinos provide you with the same excitement and thrills as a regular one, but from the comfort of your own home. There are table games, slots, and even poker, available. How can you choose the right online casino or you? You have to find one that caters to you and your desires. For example, if you are a slots player, you would want to find a casino with a lot of variety. There are a lot of slot games at Grosvenor casino, allowing you to get your fill of different slot games. Always look around and find something that works best for you, especially if you are going to be spending your money on it.

Streaming Services


If gambling isn’t your thing, maybe you want to look into a service that will allow you to watch all of your shows and movies online whenever you want. Streaming services have exploded in popularity thanks to Netflix. Because of the popularity of these services, it is now difficult to choose what streaming service you want to subscribe to. With so many companies creating their own, you have to identify what shows you want to watch, and find out what service has it for you. It might take some searching, but you will find a service that will have everything that you want on it and more.

Online Gaming

If you want something that is interactive, maybe you should take a look into online gaming. The gaming industry has become a billion dollar industry, with hundreds of thousands of games available for you to play and have fun with. Video games used to be an extremely expensive thing to purchase, however due to recent business models, you will find plenty of games out there available for free. Decide what type of game you want to play and take a look to see what is available. You will be amazed at the technological developments people have made towards this industry. If you want to interact with others and involve yourself with your entertainment, gaming is the thing for you.

Streaming Platforms

While streaming services are provided by a major company to showcase major television shows and movies, streaming platforms are created for regular people to create their own content for others to watch. The two major streaming platforms out there currently are YouTube and Twitch. Both are filled with a ton of different content creators streaming their work absolutely free. It is very easy to start watching some videos on YouTube and then realize three hours have passed by. There is a plethora of content out there for you as well. Whether you are looking for an educational experience, or a comedic one, there will be content out there for you to enjoy.


These are all great ways to entertain yourself online in 2020. As we do not know how long the pandemic will last for, it is important for you to find something that you do enjoy doing. Try each of these out and see what gets you excited. The internet is a vast place and if none of these things entertain you, there are still plenty of other things to consider. How do you plan to entertain yourself online?



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