The Horror Fan Guide to Bitcoin Entertainment

Bitcoin reigns supreme as the most sought-after cryptocurrency out there, and it’s easy to see why. The money-making potential of Bitcoin is still insanely high even after all these years, and with all of the advancements it’s seen on multiple fronts, there’s a lot to gain from using it. One of the biggest pros of using Bitcoin today is the opportunity to spend it on a variety of things. While you might be thinking that some people are left out because this expansion to new shops is a recent trend, we can prove you wrong by using a niche no one expected, the horror niche! If you’re a horror fan with a penchant for Bitcoin, strap in and get ready to spend your coins on a thrilling horror experience!

The Horror Fan Guide to Bitcoin Entertainment (courtesy)

Have a Spooky Casino Experience

Online casinos are a trend that’s been getting quite a bit of traction lately. These websites are a great alternative to traditional brick and mortar casinos, so it’s no surprise to see them garner so much success recently. Online casinos are known for hosting a plethora of casino games, ranging from classics like Poker and Blackjack to modern versions of the slots we all know and love. You wouldn’t usually associate casinos with horror content, but it seems that the horror element is a big hit on these websites!

Horror-themed slots are a popular choice for a lot of players, and while they might not be exactly what most horror fans are expecting, they’re endlessly entertaining. These slots feature some of the most iconic horror villains in the history of cinema and more than a few legendary story monsters. As you might have expected, you can give these games a go at online casinos using Bitcoin. Most online casinos have Bitcoin as both a deposit and withdrawal method, and even offer special bonuses and promotions aimed at Bitcoin users.

Take a Trip to Haunted Locations

The next activity we’re going to talk about can be a bit pricy, so before you get too into it you might want to replenish your Bitcoin stash. One of the best ways to do this these days is through Bitcoin trading, and luckily, it’s not as hard as it seems. With the help of Bitcoin trading platforms like, anyone can try their hand at Bitcoin trading. These platforms offer a range of great tools to boost your potential profits, including advanced AI trading robots that can automate the trading process altogether!

If you’re sure you have enough Bitcoin to spare for something a bit more extravagant, then going on a ghost hunting trip is a great idea! There’s nothing like a haunted adventure to get your blood pumping, and there are a ton of haunted locations around the globe waiting for you to come and stir up trouble. The best part about this wild trip is that you can pay for all of it with Bitcoin! Through booking websites like Expedia and Destinia, you can get airplane tickets and book accommodations anywhere in the world and pay for it all with Bitcoin!

Enjoy Horror Video Games

Everyone’s a fan of video games these days. Gaming is without a doubt one of the most popular hobbies around the world right now, and thanks to the large variety video games offer in terms of genre, horror fans are free to enjoy a host of excellent titles. What makes things even better is the quality of video games we’re seeing today. Gone are the days of pixelated characters and horrible camera work, replaced by stunningly realistic graphics and gameplay that can immerse anyone into the new world they’re exploring.

While these elements might not be as important for other genres, they’re practically a necessity for horror. The closer the game is to reality, the more enjoyable the horror content is! A great example of this is the recent Resident Evil games! The seventh game in the franchise was a frightening masterpiece, while the reboot of the second game brought back a classic for the modern age. On top of this, we’ve also been privy to some incredible indie horror titles that bring a new twist to what most of us consider to be a classic horror video game.

Naturally, Bitcoin isn’t too far from these excellent titles. Console fans can use their Bitcoin savings to buy these games and many more through the Microsoft Xbox Store and the PlayStation Network! These gaming giants weren’t afraid to add Bitcoin into the mix and give Bitcoin enthusiasts another option to buy high-quality entertainment. PC fans also have a chance to buy a range of titles with Bitcoin. Thanks to websites like Keys4Coins, gamers have access to thousands of games across multiple gaming platforms!

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