Singer Akothee has disclosed that she once dated a pilot who used to lie to her.

In a long post on Instagram, the mother of five said that the pilot had promised to buy her land, but that never came to pass.

She went on to say that at the time even paying rent was a problem but she kept on waiting for the pilot to come back, but he never did.

I once dated a pilot – Akothee I once dated a pilot – Akothee

Akothee said she gets rude to people sometimes because she has no time for fake promise.

I ONCE DATED A PILOT WHO PROMISED ME LAND IN BAMBURI 2007, LAND IKO VIEW SASA TUU , if I waited for him , even paying rent in a two bedroom house would be on view sasa nothing can hold a woman back than fake promises, most people think I am rude, yes I am, because I have no time for fake promises and false statements to keep us going, none of the fake promises ever built my mother a mansion, neither paid my bills, neither can I take them to the bank to acquire Ioans,” read part of her post.

Madam boss then stated that she has never made any false promise to anyone and she would instead say a no, if it is something she cannot do.

Akothee (Instagram) Akothee (Instagram)

Advice to women

She challenged women to stand up to the occasion and take charged of their own lives because they have all it takes to be successful.

Personally I never give promises that I can’t fulfill, I have no stores to keep rubbish, a NO is also an answer, don’t try to please me with words while your actions speaks volumes, I will be the most stupid woman to sit down and wait for any human to come change my life both positively or negatively, it dint happen before and it will never happen don’t I have my own brain? YES Legs: YES very long and beautiful Hands: YES then what? STAND UP WOMAN any investment done for you in a relationship A man or a woman, just know when it’s over, most of them wants to get you back where they found you that’s when you will know you don't know call me a thief I will tell you JESUS IS LORD RELATIONSHIP IS A TWO WAY TRAFFIC INVESTMENTS GOODS ONCE SOLD NEVER RETURN,” said Akothee.