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Singer Akothee’s savage response to fan over the origin of her two sons

Wololo Yaye!

The singer is known for giving satirical comments when propelled to. She opens up and shares what she feels. The musician has severally exchanged words bitterly with fans.

A fan through the comment section asked Akothee if her two youngest sons; Oyoo and Ojwang‘s fathers are truly whites or Zanzibar-based Arabians.

The fan’s statement was:


“Akothee. Can I ask you? This two kids are cappuccino? I mean their father is mzugu? Really! Mbona wanalook like waarabu wa Zanzibar sio kama Wazungu! Au unadanganya wazungu kuwa hao ni watoto wao ? Look even colour zao jaman!!”

Akothee's response

Akothee responded to the fan in a fresh post. She wrote:

“Hapana, sikuzaa hata na mwaarabu, niliwazaa na babako lakini kwa kuwa babako alikuwa maskini , ikabidi nisingizie wazungu kawaadopt , sasa njoo utuchukuwe utupeleke DNA ili ujue baba ni nani , na lakini vile una matako tuu hata akili huna, hebu ita polis ama ukojoe ulale pier paka motii”

Not long ago the mother of five headlined tabloids after she was involved in ugly name calling spat on Instagram. Her 19-year-old daughter referred to her mother as a ‘bitch’. The ‘Benefactor’ hit maker also called her daughter a ‘bitch’ and it sparkled heated debates on child upbringing.


Her daughter Celly Rue said, “Waaaahh… bitch you be making that noise this early morning @akotheekenya… eiii please am sleeping,”

Akothee responded, “, yes bitch you know me at 6.00 am everyone is up No wonder you threw me out of your hostel na God will see you I love you my chuchu.


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