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Bahati opens up on his proposal to Diana Marua on New Year’s Eve

The EMB president explains

Diana Marua

EMB President Kevin Bahati has explained his proposal to Diana Marua on New Year’s Eve during their End of Year concert dubbed #EMBJesusParty.

According to Bahati, he decided to propose to his Baby Mama as a sign of showing that he was committed to their relationship despite their traditional ceremony that was held in 2017.

The engagement elicited mixed reactions among Netizens, who opined that there was no need of proposal as they were living together as husband and wife.


However, Bahati had different view saying “Everyone knows that Diana and I are an item. Everyone knows that she is my one and only but never has anyone heard or seen me propose to her, something I consider a very important process. A man can do a traditional wedding but one needs to put a ring on it. We are taking a step at a time."


He added that he also used the engagement to clear doubts that they were just dating.

“It is funny how some people make fun out of everything. I wasn’t stage-managing this. This was to tell Diana before the whole world that I am all hers and that I want to spend the rest of my life with her. I wanted to clear doubts that we are just dating. Yes, a big ceremony is on the way” Bahati told SDE.


Upon receiving a ring from Bahati, an overwhelmed Ms Marua took to social media confessing her love to the Mama Hit maker.

Diana Marua reaction

“My 2019!!!! THANK YOU GOD FOR THIS MAN @BAHATIKENYA , THE ONE YOU CHOSE FOR ME TODAY WILL FOREVER BE IN MY HEART. THE RING IS BEAUTIFUL I LOVE YOU @BAHATIKENYA 01.01.2019. I've been loved truly and consistently, over and over again with his whole heart .... I would say YES again and again because you make me loving you so easy! Let's Live Life Honey#@BahatiKenya. How I entered the stage at Thika Stadium extending my love to the crowd, thinking my babe @bahatikenyawas just dedicating to me one of my favorite song, #TenOverTen .... Only for him to go down on his knees and propose . I was very optimistic about 2019 but I didn't know this is how it would start. Blessed and Favored” wrote Diana Marua.


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