Jemmimah Thiong'o takes Bahati back to the basics of gospel music in new hit

He may have said it out of the desire to create publicity, but Bahati sure did keep his promise of doing REAL gospel music uplifting and with content.

There were no fancy beats, no fancy words describing God, no concentrating on dance moves or the usual self obsession with one’s self.  This was a simple gratifying and praising song. One all generations will relate to and enjoy in.

In some interview past, Bahati once talked of his wish to do a song with veteran and revered gospel singer Jemmimah Thiong’o.

This was a meeting of generations a demonstrations that there is nothing new or old about the gospel, and a chance for Bahati to learn from someone whose whole album sounded like a best hits compilation.

It was really refreshing hearing Jemmimah’s voice, the distinct vocal range that at times has a steely feel about it.

It is a nice give and take collaboration from the artists changing back up and lead roles seamlessly. Bahati really upped his game hear from his vocals to his lyrics and even had an English hook that came off pretty poetic.

If he has been looking for a  mentor he has sure found one as far as music writing and making goes. The R Kay signature of strings enthused beat was classic and made for a great listen.

The different listeners agreed and applauded his effort.

J lee Kenya

Now atleast Baha this are people you need to work with in your ministry... large up dope chune.

sissy Mwangi

This is what we call gospel you are ministering..May God continue granting you divine fully blessed by the song..go go go Bahati. .

Chris Kimuya

bahati tembea na watu kama hawa , u will minister, usirudi kwa ule upuzi,, otherwise ni kali

X pey kenya

wow this is what i call true Gospel i love this even dress code is on point thumbs up bro

Am -Jay

big up bro, this is now gospel, am soo proud of you....shikilia hapo sasa nauacheujinga

Here is the video


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