Bahati shuts down EMB Record Label (Video)

The end of an Era

Bahati shuts down EMB Record Label (Video)

Gospel singer Kevin Bahati has shut down Eastland's Most Beloved (EMB) Record Label, citing lack of support and hatred in the gospel industry as the main reason for his actions.

Mtoto wa Mama pointed out that the people he helped create a name for themselves in the gospel industry have turned out to be his biggest enemies.

Hatred and Jealous

“Today I made one of the toughest decisions and that is I’m closing down EMB record Label and by closing EMB Record Label it means I’m officially terminating all the contracts the artiste and that is Weezdom , Denno and another new artiste I was to support in 2020.

Even though nimeenda a big loss, to me this was ministry but what is the point of doing ministry while the same Ministry inakuwa translate the wrong way always inakuacha na a bad name. Right now as we speak in the country, I have become one most the most talked about artiste, nimekuwa ule artiste ana receive a lot of hate, ku receive hate si mbaya but what is the need of mimi kureceive hate from the people I have create from scratch. When I start to support them now one cares but ones wamepata jina wanaanza kuwachocha and instead of repaying back with thanks giving, they create fake stories to make them trend, so what is the need. You know hii ministry yangu ya kusaidia artiste alafu wananiacha na a bad name is there need of me doing it," said Bahati.

True Ministers of the word

The EMB President added that a lot of artistes in the Gospel industry are jealous of his success and that's why they keep hating on him.

“Most gospel artistes have been so jealous of my success. Some felt like the artistes I was signing are the ones who were making money for me" added Bahati.

Bahati went ahead to call upon his fellow gospel artistes, asking them to stop pretending and be true ministers of the word.

“It’s time you wake up, after this Corona lets go back to God, we need to wake up, nimemaliza EMB, if that’s what nimekuwa nikifightiwa over. But my ministry goes on, my ministry is about giving, right now God amenipea a new burden, I’m doing a children’s Home. Very soon itakuwa up and running. My main aim is to take as many possible streets kids back to school. I want to take kids that si expect ati hata siku moja wataimba wanisaidie. But it’s time we go back to God, but let’s pray that God can show himself kwa hii gospel industry. Hii Chuki yote kumekuwa nayo ni ya nini” explained Bahati.

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