Ben Githae: I cheated on my wife for 5 years, got twins

Tabia mbaya

I cheated on my wife for 5 years, got twins – Gospel singer Ben Githae

Gospel musician Ben Githae has disclosed that he cheated on his wife for five years with another woman, and they have twins together.

Speaking in an extensive interview with Massawe Japanni, the singer said that he did not cheat because his marriage had issues, but it was out of foolishness.

Ben Githae went on to say that his wife and family members knew that he had an extramarital affair and got twins out of the affair, before the public got wind of what was going on.

He also said that they talked as a family and sorted things out.

Siwezi sema ni lini nilitoka nje ya ndoa lakini wacha niseme kutoka nilitoka. Mpaka ifike hapo ilikuwa kwa miaka, mke wangu alijua kitambo na ikaleta issues at family level. Zingine tukatatua na zingine tukaamua kuishi nazo. Siwezi sema ati kwa familia yangu kulikuwa na issue ndio nikatoka nje wacha niseme tu ilikuwa ni tabia mbaya, ni msukumo tu wa tabia mbaya,” said Ben Githae.

The ‘Tabia Mbaya’ singer also denied claims made by his baby mama that he asked her to have an abortion, after they realized she was pregnant.

Ben Githae said that before the baby mama went public with the matter, she had threatened the singer and the issue going public was part of the threats.

Baby mama kutokea publicly kulikuwa na threats na zile tunaweza sema intimidations baadae kidogo hizo threats zao zikawa implemented na ndipo nanyi mkajua. At family level, kulikuwa kunajulikana,” said the singer.

Ben Githae however, admitted that the issue shook his 18 year marriage.


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