I made the first move on Juliani - Brenda Wairimu

She has revealed some interesting details about how she made her first move on the rapper.

So instead of striking up a conversation with the cutie they are into most ladies prefer to sort of put themselves in his view hoping he will look her way.

And when it comes to a celebrity it’s a whole different ball game so many ladies shy away from it, but not Brenda Wairimu.

During an episode of Let’s Talk, Brenda revealed that she was the first to slide in Juliani’s DM on Twitter. But her intentions were not exactly to date the rapper but strike up a conversation because she is a huge fan of rap music.

She loved Juliani so much that she even got her hair braided to shake it like Juliani when he came to perform at her school. And it’s great she made the first move as she landed a very intelligent and grounded celebrity.

Speaking on how she hit Juliani Up, Brenda said “I love rap, hip hop all that. I was a big HUGE fan. And I used to do short braids whenever he was going to perform so that I can shake my hair as well. And when I got to the industry I was like ‘Oh maybe now I can finally get to meet this icon, this person who I really enjoyed his music. So I was like ‘Hey I like your music’ and whatnot and the rest is history.”

In fact, ladies, if you see a cutie don’t be shy because research has proven that ladies who make the first move land the hottest men.

According to a research done by dating site OkCupid “Most women on dating sites are still waiting to be messaged, which means they’re settling and not even realising it.”

They went further and said that you increase your chance of winning in the dating game by making the first move. “If you typically wait to be approached, you could elevate your game by about 12 percent points just by sending the first message.”

Interesting isn’t it?


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