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“Stop taking cocaine like a mad woman. Your family has disowned you.” K24 star attacks Pendo before claiming that her life is in danger

Bridget Achieng, Pendo, Molly, Brian and Risper Faith were part of the A-team that ruled the Nairobi Diaries show on K24.

Nairobi Diaries stars Pendo, Bridget and Risper Faith

But Bridget Achieng is not yet done with the A-team because she is spilling all their secrets, nay; she is singing like a bird…it’s not even funny.

Taking to her You Tube Channel, Bridget spills the beans on Pendo, Cuppie Ayokya and other socialites who she says even slept with makangas (touts) because they could not afford to pay their fare.

“Another young girl who is getting fame from controversy (sic) …Pendo. Stacey brown Pendo can you go and find our mother and ask for forgiveness. I talk to my mother every hour my mother is my mentor.


Are you proud to say on national television that you don’t talk to your mother, how many years now? Why aren’t you talking with your mum?  Isn’t because you are a klepto?" she rants.

"I’m not Vera Sidika, I’m not Noti Flow. I will take you head to head till the end of it …you are both  lesbian and straight, having sex with both men and women, we don’t know where you stand. Your father and mother don’t want you. Your family has disowned you. OMG! Find your mother and ask for forgiveness, stop taking cocaine like a mad woman and talking to yourself.” She angrily addresses Pendo before revealing that she used to get up in the middle of the night to take care of Pendo as she battles cocaine addiction.

“Once a snake always a snake” she said in reference to Pendo before adding “I know my life is in danger because you sleep with rich and powerful men.”

In addition she spilled the tea on Cuppie Ayokya, another socialite who she claims didn’t even finish standard 8 and had to go to ngumbaru school to try and finish her eductaion.


“OMG but how do you reason? Can you start going for lessons as you are selling p*ssy attend some lessons.” She fires at Cuppie before calling Molly ugly.

After the drama Pendo replied with "Just before you choke on your own saliva…let me remind you that we hustled and out time to hustle is over, don’t kill yourself joor."


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