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Privée Westlands finally responds to KOT's attack on Burna Boy

If you were expecting a fight then you're totally mistaken.

Burna Boy

After his performance last Saturday at Privée Westlands, Nairobians have taken it upon themselves to disregard the Nigerian singer, Burna Boy, on Twitter. Amongst the many allegations made, Burna Boy was accused for making his club appearance quite late and the management of the club being classified as very disorganized. Droves of fans were left high and dry as admission to the club was closed off to the late comer’s once it peaked at 800 people.

The last two days have seen Burna Boy on the receiving end of every petty, supercilious comment that KOT could come up with, which has then led to him blocking a lot of his followers. All this while the club management kept its silence but when we reached out the General Manager of Privée Westlands, Antoinne Chidi, didn’t miss a bit to say that it was their fault for making the price too low and available to so many people.

During the phone interview, Chidi clarified that KOT has it all wrong. The true facts of the case was that, Burna Boy went on stage at 3am but was on location by 2am after being stuck in traffic for almost an hour and a half.

“For that day we enjoyed bringing Burna Boy and what we were trying to do was put the price a bit low so that everyone could enjoy the show. Sadly that’s backlashing on us now because it was so low that so many people showed up. We counted to more than 800 people by 2am and at the same time everyone is blaming Burna Boy for showing up late when it truth, he was late because of traffic in Westlands that had him stuck for an hour and thirty minutes. These are factors that we had no control of but no one wants to understand that. They keep complaining that Privée was selfish, we didn’t want to let guys in and that’s really not the case.”


He went on to explain just how wrong it was for the Kenyan artistes who were saying that promoters should focus on local artistes instead of international voices.

“You know the funniest thing with that is, we held Industry Night two weekends ago and we’re hosting it again on Thursday which doesn’t make sense when they say that we don’t support local content.”

The only apology offered by the calm and quite collected General Manager of arguably one of the hottest clubs in Kenya right now was that Privée has learnt a lesson but they are not about to stop doing what they do best. If you were

“All that back and forth on Twitter, we don’t do that," said a very chilled out Chidi, “But we’ve learnt from this. Privée partners with a lot of people and promoters when doing events, we cannot comment on their behalf but as Privée we will continue to do what we do best as we prepare for FOMO that will be happening soon enough.”


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