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Radio king Shaffie Weru brandishes his AK-47 ‘rifle’

Shaffie Weru is now a proud owner of a customized AK-47 hookah bong that was given to him by the CEO of B-club.


The radio presenter shared a photo of the bong that looks like a rifle on his gram thanking his favorite person in the world for the gift. He however mentioned that as much as he likes his new toy, he does not smoke sheesha.

Judging from where the self proclaimed Raverend placed the hookah, it is obvious to assume that he will be using it as a decoration for his house. Shaffie is one of the lucky renowned radio personalities who often get flashy gifts from club owners for always attracting the right crowd.

His latest gift comes a few days after he got the only customized Hennessy bottle in Africa. He now refers to himself as Mr Hennessy courtesy of his boss, Al Nairobi, who made this possible. He captioned the photo,

Yo Meet Mr Hennessy #TheRaverend holding the only customized bottle in Africa/Continent of Hennessy by @Scottcampbellart thanks to my boss @alnairobi #teamshaffie #theraverendslife #teamhennesseyke


Shaffie is now worth a couple of millions and could be the highest paid male presenter in East Africa.


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