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Inside Amber Ray's lavish lifestyle: A peek into her Sh1.5 million monthly expenses

Socialite Amber Ray sheds light on her monthly expenditures, revealing that she allocates approximately Sh1.5 million for her living expenses.

Amber Ray and fiancé Kennedy Rapudo ( Instagram)

Socialite Amber Ray has shed light on her monthly expenditures, revealing that she allocates approximately Sh1.5 million for her monthly expenses.

Alongside her fiancé Kennedy Rapudo, the duo is considering purchasing a house to call their own, steering away from the burden of hefty monthly rent payments.

In an interview reshared on Instagram by BNN Africa, Amber Ray disclosed the significant portion of her budget dedicated to rent, specifying that she pays Sh350,000 per month for accommodation.


"I would say my budget is Sh1.5 million to be on the safe side. The rent is Sh350,000 per month," she said.

When prompted about their decision to invest in homeownership rather than continue renting, Amber explained their aspiration to build their dream house.

She emphasised the importance of enjoying their hard-earned money while residing in Nairobi, opting to live in a space they genuinely love.

"Actually, that is where we are headed. We want to build our dream house. You know sometimes you're looking for money with so many struggles, so why can't you enjoy your money? We said that as long as we are living in Nairobi let's live in a house that we love," she said.


Amber Ray has been known for her lavish lifestyle and exorbitant spending habits. In the past, she proclaimed to allocate 300,000 daily to cover her bills and support her family.

During a shopping spree captured in a video, Amber's fiancé, Kenny Rapudo, exhibited his generosity by splurging on her purchases.

The footage depicted Rapudo laying bundles of cash on the table before offering his ATM card to complete the transactions.


The act of showering Amber with expensive gifts and shopping extravaganzas has stirred curiosity among viewers regarding Rapudo's source of income and the dynamics of their relationship.

Netizens, intrigued by the lavish displays of wealth and generosity, took to social media to voice their opinions and raise questions about the couple's financial circumstances.

Some expressed awe at Amber's seemingly charmed life and speculated about Rapudo's financial status, while others humorously inquired about the supposed prayers she made to find a partner like him.


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