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Victoria Rubadiri's X admirer pens heartfelt poem

The poem to Rubadiri quickly captured the attention of netizens, sparking a wave of responses from social media users.

Victoria Rubadiri

Kenyan netizen @FellMentKE has taken to the X app to craft a heartfelt poem dedicated to Citizen TV's Victoria Rubadiri.

In his poetic expression, he painted Victoria as the embodiment of everything he holds dear.

The verses of the poem ventured into various realms, likening her significance to that of Geography, Mythology, and History combined.


In Geography, my World

In History, my queen

In Mathematics, my Solution

In Mythology, my Goddess

In Astronomy, my Universe


For the blind, She is the Light.

For the hungry, she is the Bread

For the poor, she is the Wealth

For me, she is Everything

Reportedly, Felix isn't the sole individual to have openly expressed his affection for Victoria Rubadiri.


Back in 2022, a Kenyan man, Collins Muruka, made a striking declaration of love for the TV personality through social media. In a heartfelt message that accompanied a carefully chosen photo of Rubadiri, Collins passionately conveyed his admiration.

"Angel, you are my perfect match," he began, praising her impeccable sense of style, news presentation, and delightful sense of humor.

Collins shared how he had been an ardent follower of Rubadiri's career from her NTV days and remained loyal when she moved to Citizen TV.


He expressed his unwavering commitment, emphasizing that no matter who else vied for her attention, he was determined to offer her genuine love.

"I will never cheat on you," he vowed, acknowledging his modest possession of a KSCE certificate as a token of his sincerity.

Collins concluded by promising never to let her shed a tear. His heartfelt message was a testament to the depth of admiration and affection that Victoria Rubadiri inspires in her admirers.


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