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Corazon Kwamboka’s response to woman who tried to body shame her months after giving Birth

Corazon hits back

Love Birds Corazon Kwamboka with Frankie JustGymIt

Socialite Corazon Kwamboka expressed discontentment in a woman who tried to body shame her, months a giving birth to a bouncing baby boy through Caesarean Section (C-section).

In a response shared via her Insta-stories, Ms Kwamboka stated that its not okay to attack or bash mothers who brought a life into this world, as their bodies are subjected to change after the experience.

She went on to advice new mothers to embrace and be proud of their scars after giving birth, without paying attention to people’s opinions.


I Feel Good

“Imagine 3 months after having a CS Birth, I dress up and feel good to hang out with my Mans, juts for woman a to come and attack me about my tummy. Any way I look good, hey New moms, embrace your new body. Nothing wrong with that pouch. Ikienda iende, ikikata pia ni sawa, you performed a miracle, literally went to war, don’t expect to come home with no scars,” shared Corazon Kwamboka.

Ms Kwamboika and her boyfriend Frankie Justgymit welcomed a baby boy named Taiyari into their family in August 2020.



Just the other day, the socialite talked about insecurities she used to have before she got pregnant.

“I was 2 months pregnant here, I have always been insecure about something (different parts of me every other time) today I would be insecure about my acne scarred face, tomorrow about my thighs, next day about my teeth, it has always been something.

But strangely enough when I got pregnant I wasn’t insecure even one day, I loved my body the most. I developed self love and appreciation and whatever I did I was exuding confidence. PS; that went out the window once I had the baby 😂😂” wrote Corazon Kwamboka.


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