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Trevor finally answers the big question: Why he broke up with Eve

Director Trevor discloses that he & Eve opted to grant each other some space before officially ending their relationship

Director Trevor

The recent separation of the well-known YouTube duo, Mungai Eve and Director Trevor has been causing ripples in the online media sphere.

While Eve has opted to maintain silence and continue with her business ventures as usual, Director Trevor has been open about the challenges in their relationship.

Director Trevor, in a conversation on the Iko Nini podcast, opened up about the reasons behind their split.


He emphasised that their decision to separate wasn't fueled by any extraordinary circumstances but rather by the realisation that they had reached a point where continuing their relationship was no longer feasible.

"We didn't break up because of something special. Kenyans are waiting to hear that there's a very big reason why we parted ways. We were just like any other couple who decided to go their separate ways. You reach a point where you feel you can't continue. Before we broke up, we gave each other space, but it still didn't work out. When you reach that point, you part ways amicably," he said.

Trevor also clarified that their breakup didn't signify a fallout in their professional partnership.

He emphasised that they were prepared for such eventualities and had mentors guiding them through the process.


Contrary to public speculation, their split didn't result from any business-related issues, and both parties remain on good terms.

"From the first moment, we knew how a relationship works. At times mnaeza achana na si kitu mbaya. We had mentors walikuwa wana tuprepare for these things... Thats why leo hii people think tuliachana na sasa kuna mmoja mabo yake imeenda vibaya. That's not the case. Sisi tuliachana kama mapenzi imeisha. Na pia in terms of business kila mtu yuko sawa," he said.

When asked about the decision to part ways in business, Trevor clarified that it wasn't initiated by him.


He revealed that they had a 50/50 business agreement, but Eve began to feel that she was the face of the brand and deserved more control.

"Hiyo haikam from my side. We had a 50/50 business agreement. But ilifika point Eve alifeel she was the image of the brand so she wanted more.

"Most of the money we made in 2023 came from Instagram. Eve felt she controlled the money flow, so she wanted to decide how much she would give me. But I felt she forgot that this brand was built by both of us, not just Instagram," Trevor elaborated.


Trevor mentioned that Eve eventually expressed a desire to buy him out of the brand. However, Trevor expressed skepticism about her ability to afford such an endeavor, considering the significant revenue the brand generated.

"Ilifika point sasa Eve wanted to buy me out of the brand...I wouldn't even entertain her offer because I know she cannot afford it. How much would you be willing to pay me for a brand that pays me approximately 2 million a month?" Trevor questioned.


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