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DJ Fatxo resurfaces with details on his relationship with Jeff Mwathi [Video]

DJ Fatxo addressed a press conference and shared little-known details on his relationship with Jeff Mwathi and the actions he took shortly after Jeff went missing from his Kasarani apartment only to be found dead

Dj Fatxo (left) and Jeff Mwathi

With investigations into the death of Jeff Mwathi going on, mugithi singer DJ Fatxo has revealed new details on his relationship with the deceased and the actions he took as soon as he realized that Jeff was missing in his house only to be found dead.

Speaking to the press on Sunday, March 12, 2023, DJ Fatxo explained that the deceased was a friend who he had known for the last two years.

Recounting the events of the day when Jeff died after coming to his Kasarani apartment, the Mugithi singer revealed that he is the one who initiated the move to report his disappearance to the police.

“Later coming back after a few hours, finding that Jeff is not in the house and the others are there…I am the one who actually went to the police station to report that Jeff is missing.” DJ Fatxo explained.


He expressed that contrary to allegations being peddled in some quarters, he was pained by Jeff’s demise.

He added that he is the one who broke the sad news to the deceased’s family and even involved his mother when his attempts to reach out to the family to convey his condolences and offer his support in giving the deceased friend a befitting sendoff hit a snag.

"There is also this issue that is going on that I didn’t mourn the demise of Jeff. I reached out. I am the one who even told the family that Jeff is no more. I actually contacted them and told them I could have supported them they bury their son and we come together.


"It was something that pains me also. So I reached an extent where I was not getting a response. I told my mother can you please call one of the family members and request them to agree and work with us.” DJ Fatxo explained.

He reiterated that he is willing to cooperate with investigators and the family in establishinhg what really killed his friend.

Jeff allegedly met his death after after spending the day with the popular DJ when he fell from 10th floor of Redwood Apartments along Thika Road where the DJ lives.


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