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Felicity Shiru moves to dispose of multi-million push gift after 5 months

Felicity said that she will find an upgrade to what she is selling

Felicity Shiru [Instagram]

Felicity Shiru has revealed that she will be selling the Mazda CX-5 car gifted to her by her boyfriend, YouTuber Thee Pluto, in September 2022.

Felicity explained that she and Thee Pluto will be partnering to sell the car, but she refused to disclose whether the proceeds would be used to fund her next vehicle. The car will be sold for over Sh2 million.

She maintained that the car is still new as showed and explained some of the unique features that the car has.

Although she didn't disclose the name of her next ideal car during the interview with YouTuber 2mbili, Felicity mentioned that they would be upgrading from what they were selling. She stated that her dream car is either a Toyota Fortuner or a double cab vehicle.


The Mazda CX-5 was gifted to Felicity by Thee Pluto during their baby shower ceremony as a thank-you gift from the YouTuber.

However, owning a car comes with its challenges, and Felicity admitted to being arrested one day for breaking traffic rules. She was able to talk her way out of trouble only after parting with some money.

Felicity has revealed that she didn't believe Thee Pluto when he gifted her the Mazda CX-5. She was unsure if he was joking or not.


"I didn't believe it when Thee Pluto said he would give me a car. He then gave me the car keys, and I had to ask him if he was serious. I didn't react because I was unsure of what was happening.

"The Pluto had asked me earlier if he should gift me the car, and I agreed, but we ended up laughing because it wasn't that serious. I thought that he was joking even the day he gave me the keys," Felicity explained.

During the interview with YouTuber 2mbili, he admitted that he thought Thee Pluto and Felicity were just chasing clout from the whole scenario.


Felicity, however, added that she would have reacted differently if the car had been presented to her as a wrapped gift. The gift from Pluto was Felicity's first car, although she admitted that she had never driven despite having a license.

What are your thoughts on Felicity selling her gift ?


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