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Former Aziza actor Luwi Capello narrates life-altering accident that affected brain & erased memories

Luwi Capello recently shared some personal information about his life-altering accident

Luwi Capello

Kenyan actor Benjamin Komora, popularly known as Luwi Capello, has recently shared some personal information about his life-altering accident.

During a recent interview on the KulaCooler Show with Oga Obinna, the former Aziza actor disclosed that the accident affected his brain, leading to memory loss and changes in his life.

According to Luwi, the accident caused his brain to swell, a condition that he still manages with medication.

'You know, i was in a very bad accident. So many people don't know but iliaffect brain yangu. My brain was swollen ndani vibaya, mpaka sasa natumia medicine," Luwi said.


The swelling affected his memory, making it hard for him to retain information for an extended period. Even basic activities such as eating and drinking were difficult to remember, with Luwi often forgetting what he had just consumed.

"I tend to have shorter memories most of the time ata sasa hivi kidogo imekua mzuri. It used to be very bad. Ilikuwa hata nakula sasa hivi lakini in the next two minutes nasahu nakula nini," he said.


The accident was so severe that he had to drop out of school, where he studied broadcast journalism. Luwi has remained positive despite his initial struggles, saying he is slowly improving.

The actor who played Zane in Aziza also shared that the accident changed his perspective on life, making him realize fake friends surrounded him.

"So mpaka ata sikumaliza chuo. I was still in school. I was doing broadcast journalism. Sikuweza kumaliza kwa sababu siwezi shika. Nilikuwa nasoma hivi nasahu.

"It was very bad when it started but sasa hivi kidogo am getting there," he said.


Luwi spent four months in the ICU, and during that time, his memory frustrations made him aggressive towards the people around him. He could no longer take up script roles, making earning a living challenging.

Thankfully, his brother stepped in and noticed that he could act, giving him a new career path.

Undergoing therapy has been a significant factor in helping him regain his confidence and believe in himself. Although he is not fully back to his former self, he is trying and hopeful that he will eventually get there.


Luwi Capello was featured in Nairobi Diaries alongside Pendo. He also showcased his extraordinary acting skills in Maza on Maisha Magic East and Aziza on Citizen TV.

Aziza was among the most loved shows by many Kenyans. The series, produced by Jiffy Pictures, featured some of Kenya's top talents, such as singer Sanaipei Tande.

The show was replaced by Maria, also produced by the same production company.


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