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I'm not okay mentally - Kemunto explains truth behind viral IG confessions

Kemunto Diana, a businesswoman & influencer, garnered attention after sharing screenshots of confessions that disclosed the intimate experiences of her followers.

Kenyan influencer Kemunto Diana 'She's Kemunto'

Kemunto, a businesswoman and social media influencer, has recently found herself at the center of attention due to the viral nature of her Instagram confessions.

These confessions, shared by her followers via direct messages, delved into the intimate details of their lives.

However, amidst the buzz, Kemunto felt compelled to address the controversy surrounding her platform and the authenticity of the confessions she shared.


In an interview with Kenyan online Media on March 18, Kemunto reflected on her journey to fame, which began in 2022 when she initially gained attention for advising young women on hustling tactics.

As a self-proclaimed 'city girl,' Kemunto embraced the transactional nature of relationships, offering advice on navigating the urban landscape to achieve personal goals.

However, it was her recent shift towards sharing confessions that propelled a surge in her popularity.


Amid accusations that Kemunto may be exploiting these confessions for personal gain, she vehemently denied any involvement in fabricating the stories or spreading a virus.

She asserted that the confessions were genuine and originate from anonymous individuals, some of whom use pseudonymous accounts to maintain privacy.

With over a thousand unposted confessions in her inbox, Kemunto expressed reluctance to share some due to their sensitive nature.

"I have a brain. If I were to do those stories on my own then I would have started the first time I trended for city girls. The stories are not fake, the confessions are very real. I can't hire 10,000 people to write stories or open 10,000 accounts to fake stories. I have about 1039 zenye sijapost. And I am scared of what might happen if I do. You have seen the impact that the whole issue has had so far," she said.


According to Kemunto the decision to repost these confessions was inspired by a friend's firsthand experience with a virus. This prompted Kemunto to provide a platform for others to share their struggles openly.

"I have a friend who lives positively. Her story pushed me to give people this platform to confess the things they are going through. the confessions have been there for like six months. She told me to go tell other people what was happening," she said.

While Kemunto admits that the weight of these confessions often overwhelms her, she persists in her efforts to assist where possible.


"I have not even posted the worst confessions yet. Sometimes it's very heavy on my side. It's weighing me down because sometimes I want to focus on other things but when I see someone's story I feel motivated to help this person. Mentally am not okay. I'm not even focusing on important things in my life.

"When I get these confessions on my timeline, I repost them for awareness. For the ones who use pseudo-accounts and inbox me with real accounts, I always take my time to advise them," she said.

Beyond reposting for awareness, she takes the time to counsel and connect individuals with appropriate resources, such as hospitals or support networks.


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