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'Go Pato' hitmaker Pato Banton breaks silence after Eldoret fight went viral

The video which trended online showed Pato's keyboardist being harassed on stage

Pato Banton

Pato Banton, the artist behind the popular song 'Go Pato,' spoke to journalists in Kibera and provided an explanation for a minor altercation that took place during his concert in Eldoret.

A video emerged online, showing one of Pato's instrumentalists being harassed, and viewers who came across the footage criticized this inappropriate behavior.

During an interview on July 5, Pato recounted an incident where they found themselves in a confrontation with bouncers who were attempting to forcibly take their keyboard.


According to Pato, the organizer of the concert had failed to fulfill their payment obligations for the sound system and stage.

Consequently, bouncers were instructed to confiscate the keyboard as a form of compensation.

Pato joyfully revealed that things took a positive turn as five girls who attended the Eldoret concert actively assisted in the efforts to retrieve the keyboard, resulting in its successful recovery.

To express his gratitude, Pato arranged a special private show for the girls from Eldoret. Furthermore, they all had a memorable after-party in his hotel room, where they had a great time.


Pato Banton became widely known in Kenya thanks to his popular song 'Go Pato,' and before his concert, fans were curious to explore his other musical works.

Taking the opportunity to introduce himself, Pato revealed that he was born in London.

He went on to explain that his upbringing involved growing up with a Jamaican stepfather who worked as a DJ, and his early years were immersed in the vibrant atmosphere of a sound system within a dancehall setup.


Pato revealed that his passion for the microphone had blossomed by the time he turned 10, and he had also honed his skills as an MC.

Despite the viral success of 'Go Pato,' Pato proudly stated that he has had the privilege of touring numerous countries worldwide, delivering performances of his other hit songs to diverse audiences.


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