Jeff Koinange bought me a Sh3 million Watch- Jalang’o

The watch was from the famous Audemars Piguet brand

Jalang'o and Jeff Koinange at Hot 96.

Lang’ata parliamentary Hopeful Felix Odiwuor alias Jalang’o shared little know details about his friendship with Citizen TV News anchor and former Co-host Jeff Koinange.

In an interview with Lynn Ngugi, the Kiss 100 Presenter disclosed that Koinange gifted him a watch from Swiss manufacturer Audemars Piguet worth almost Sh3 million on his Birthday.

He made the revelation while quashing reports that he is not in good terms with his former Co-host at Hot 96.

“There are people saying tulikosana na Jeff, what people were cutting was a skit we did and saying this is the reason why Jalang’o left Hot 96.

Jeff is My best friend, and even right now we call each, he comes to my place I go to his house.

He got me some watch, AP-Audemars Piguet, he spent almost Sh3 million on a gift on my Birthday, he had travelled to the United States, kwenda kuangalia bei ya hiyo saa… si ungeleta tu pesa” Said Jalang’o.

He went on to narrate his experience of working with the legendary Koinange.

“Everybody thought that it won’t work, but then it became the best show. I went and accepted that Jeff is this Guy who was raised up well and I’m from the village. I just went and became humble and started telling Jeff stories that he thought were movies na yeye pia akisema vitu zake naona ni Movies. So the difference in our lives just created magic” said Jalang’o.

Talking about his switch from Hot 96 to Milele FM, the celebrated radio comedian mentioned that his longtime friend and brother Alex Mwakideu reached out to him when everything was ready.

“We worked with Jeff for Two years, then Alex Mwakideu told Me, do you think we can ever work together again, Kumbe at that time he has already resigned from Radio Maisha, going to Milele. He says he has an offer for me. And I said working with you any day. I love working with Jeff but you are my brother and I love working with You” Jalas said,

The Bonga Na Jalas host went on to reveals that his Boss at Royal Media Services Fred Afune was against the idea of him leaving Hot96 for Milele FM.

“I don’t think he has ever forgiven me...” said Jalang’o.


In July 2018 Jalang’o penned down an emotional parting shot to his former co-host at Hot 96 Jeff Koinange.

“My brother...My Mentor...My Friend and my partner...I haven't even called you to say bye because I don't know what to tell..I guess my voice will shake all through and maybe I'd want to lie and maybe tell you I'll be back..It's your time to shine on! Hold the fort! You've always done it so it shouldn't be be different! Thank you for everything Jeff1. Making me believe in myself again that I can fit in any place even when people dint believe in me you made me shine among the elite! “ reads Part of Jalang'o message


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