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Jimmy Gait trends at number 1 after insulting Kenyan women on national TV

Gait blamed Kenyan women working in Saudi Arabia for their deaths

Jimmy Gait. List of celebrities who have been victims of hacking

Gospel musician Jimmy Gait has sparked anger among Kenyans online after an insensitive comment regarding Kenyans killed in Saudi Arabia and other Middle East nations.

While appearing on K24, the Gospel artiste suggested that women workers killed in the Middle East nations were to blame, saying that they indulge in illicit affairs with their employers.

"There are so many Kenyan men working in the Middle East in Saudi, Qatar, Dubai the reason you don’t hear about men being mistreated is because they do not go sleeping with their bosses wives," Gait claimed.

The Huratiti singer had mentioned that he runs a company involved with finding gainful employment for Kenyans abroad which prompted his host to seek a comment on rampant deaths.


"Which jobs are you helping people get because, far as I'm concerned... The jobs that are in especially Saudi Arabia are the ones we call here, 'kazi ya kuwa mboch' and a huge chunk of them have ended up dead, some of them say they have been sold into slavery, sex slavery and so on, is that true?" presenter Mbuvi Mung'ala posed to Gait.

The Furi Furi Dance hitmaker took the opportunity to expound on his business, including the inappropriate comment on Kenyan women.

"Before I started this whole initiative, I had the same kind of mentality... until I got the full information of what happens there and I can tell you now than ever before, that anyone who would like to go work there.

"There's always a story behind the story. When all these ladies come out and say that they have been mistreated, they never say why they were mistreated. There is always a reason why they were mistreated... I can tell you that the number one reason these girls get mistreated is indiscipline, most of them are very undisciplined, you'll find that they go sleeping with people's husbands," the musician explained.


Gait added that other offences included stealing from their employers, and others who leave their work stations to seek out better opportunities where they run into crooks.

"Those people who get mistreated are a very small fraction of those working in Middle East, but because they come out online and that's a huge community then their stories overshadow the truth which is that hundreds of thousands of Kenyans are doing well in the Middle East, and those are the ones who are disciplined," Gait insisted.

Kenyans Angered by Jimmy Gait's remark

The remark sparked anger among Kenyans online who found Gait's utterance offensive.


One Lydia Namubiru commented: "Besides being horrifyingly misogynistic, this is also disturbingly inaccurate. Migrant men are being murdered there and their deaths are passed off as suicides, drowning, and many living ones are languishing in local jails."

Another, Adam Maina stated: "It's the AUDACITY to shame and blame the same people who made JIMMY GAIT WHO HE IS, the families upcountry who send their loved ones to the Middle East. When he was falling for a "sweet mama" muhadhara, did we blame him for being broke?"


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