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Tributes pour in after comedian Chongin Kale dies in fatal road accident

Popular Kalenjin content creator Chongin Kale Comedian passes away, days after emotionally mourning Brian Chira.

Chogin Kale comedian

Popular Kalenjin content creator Chongin Kale Comedian has tragically passed away in a devastating road accident, adding to the string of recent losses in the digital creator community.

His untimely death comes just days after he mourned the departure of TikToker Brian Chira, who also lost his life in a separate road accident on Saturday, March 16, 2024.

The accident in Silibwet on March 18, claimed the lives of five individuals, with Chongin Kale Comedian being among the unfortunate victims.


He was traveling in a matatu headed towards Bomet when the vehicle veered off its lane, colliding with a tractor in Silibwet, Bomet county.

"Terrible news from Bomet county 5 people succumbed, including him," Gaa FM broke the news on social media.

As the devastating news of Chogin's demise circulated on March 18, 2024, the online community united in mourning the loss of the content creator.


Expressions of shock, sadness, and heartfelt tributes flooded social media, reflecting the profound impact Chogin had on his audience and peers.

"Indeed it's a very sad evening. No more to add. May He Rest in peace Chongin comedian," one Facebook user wrote.

Brian Chira, a rising TikTok sensation, met his unfortunate end in a horrific road accident involving a Canter vehicle in Ndenderu, Kiambu county on March 16.


The vehicle struck him and fled the scene, leaving behind a trail of sorrow and grief among his loved ones and followers.

Chongin Kale Comedian expressed his sorrow for Chira's untimely passing on his Facebook page, lamenting the loss of such a young soul.

"It's very painful to lose a young soul like Brian Chira, RIP brother!" mourned Chongin on his Facebook page.


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