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Police are supposed to know the law - Lawyers Ombeta and Omari defend Eric Omondi

Lawyers Cliff Ombeta and Danstan Omari are part of the legal team representing Eric Omondi in court

Comedian Eric Omondi

Eric Omondi jetted into the country today from Uganda to attend his court hearing after he was re-arrested recently around the City Stadium while distributing maize flour to some Nairobi residents.

Omondi is being represented by two of Kenya's top lawyers, Danstan Omari and Cliff Ombeta, who have and are still representing top officials in the country.

Lawyer Omari has made it clear that Omondi's next hearing will be on May 19, 2023, whereby all the witnesses will be required to appear so that the matter is settled once and for all.


Omari added that they asked why Omondi was re-arrested and the answer was that it was because he had infringed the terms which had been put when he was released on bond earlier on.

The Director of Public Prosecutions and the court have however said that Omondi didn't breach any rules and they had been given the green light to sue the police who arrested Omondi to the high court.

Cliff Ombeta has made it clear that policemen are expected to know the law when he was given the opportunity to speak.


"Policemen are expected to know the law. Policemen are not supposed to not only know it but act within it.

"When we chose a government, we expect that it will protect its citizens whether they are speaking against it because they have a right or whether they are speaking for it because they have a right," explained Ombeta.

Ombeta continued that Kenya needs new laws which will allow police officers to be charged for any contrary approach to the law without hiding behind the police force.


Ombeta questioned the logic behind how Eric will be compensated for losing 24 hours and further questioned why the officers didn't approach the court when he was arrested.


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