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Nick Kwach talks about his 9-year-old child & reasons for separating from her mum

Nick Kwach opens up about his role as a present father and shares details on why his baby mama ended their relationship

Kenyan actor Nick Kwach

Thespian and media personality Nick Kwach recently opened up about the disparity between his online persona and his real-life experiences

In an interview with Massawe Japani on March 7 Kwach, known for his role Marcus, alongside Aicy Stephens in the YouTube 'Baby Mama' series, shed light on the contrast between the scripted drama and his actual relationship dynamics.

Kwach discussed the decision to continue with the series despite the controversies surrounding the topic.


He explained that the series resonated with many viewers and evolved from fictional narratives to real-life stories based on people's experiences.

The conversation delved into Kwach's personal life, particularly his role as a father to his 10-year-old daughter.

He emphasised his active presence in his daughter's life and reflected on his separation from her mother.


The separation, he explained, was due to irreconcilable differences stemming from divergent preferences, dreams, and life goals.

"Niko na mtoto mmoja. My daughter is turning 10 in 2024 and I am very present. We were young. I bacame a father nikiwa 22 na yeye alikuwa 21. Tulikuwa ndo tumetoka shule ikafika mahali tukaona tofauti zetu zilikuwa kubwa sana so hatungeendelea. so its something we call irreconcilable differences.

"Tulijipata preferrebces zetu, ndoto zetu za maisha, etc zilikuwa zinatofautiana. Na pia inaongezeka na zingine so zinakuwa mingi," he said.

Kwach highlighted his baby mama's perspective, noting her discomfort with what she perceived as toxicity in their relationship.


"Hivo ndo tulifanyiana. Kwa vile niliona yule ambao nilikuwa naye akiniambia kwamba alikuwa anahisi relationshp yetu ilikuwa toxic kwake and she was not comfortable staying there," he said.

Despite their differences, they have navigated co-parenting relatively smoothly, with occasional challenges arising from misinterpretations of the content of the series.

Grateful for the amicable co-parenting relationship, Kwach shared an anecdote about his baby mama's curiosity regarding the content of the series.


He affirmed that while there have been instances where she questioned whether the content mirrored their reality, he reassured her that it did not.

"Niko na bahati sana because what am doing for content is completely different from my real life. Of course, kumekuwa na instances when my baby mama calls me and tells me that some of the content talks about her. But I always tell her no," he said.


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