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Priscilla Wa Imani defends trending lady whose boyfriend cheated

Priscilla wants Kevo to hand over Wange's crucial documents after their split

Wange (left) and TikToker Priscilla Wa Imani

The whistling TikTok queen, Priscilla Wa Imani, has come to the rescue of Wange, a woman who was allegedly cheated on by her boyfriend Kevin.

According to Wange, Kevin has refused to return her crucial documents, even though the two had agreed to separate after the cheating incident.

Priscilla Wa Imani has taken swift action to defend Wange and fight for women's rights, especially for those in violent relationships.


She has warned Kevin to return the documents or face the involvement of the authorities in the matter. There are rumors that Kevin has been moving some of his belongings to an unknown location since being caught cheating.

"I'm not happy because after Kevo separated from Wange, he locked everything in their house. The same guy is now relocating by moving some of the property from the house. I just want to know why Kevo is not opening the door.

"It's okay if he has decided to move some of the stuff from the house. I am a mother and all I want is the documents that belong to this lady," Priscilla said.

Priscilla added that there are many ladies out here suffering like Wange and that she was coming for those mistreating ladies.


Wange who has been trending for the better part of this week was given an opportunity to speak by YouTuber Nicholas Kioko and she said that Kevo has blocked her and that she doesn't know how she will reach him.

"Kevo has still blocked me and I don't know where I will find him because no one wants to say where he is. I just want him to return my documents because he is not being fair," Wange said.

Obidan Dela, the content creator who recorded Wange catching her boyfriend Kevin cheating, was also present during Priscilla Wa Imani's intervention. He appealed to well-wishers to assist women like Wange in improving their lives.


Dela expressed his gratitude to Priscilla for helping Wange, and emphasized the importance of discussing property division when ending a relationship.

He also thanked God for intervening in Wange's situation and preventing her from harming herself after discovering Kevin's infidelity.


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