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Rapper Femi One talks about her spirituality & Inspiration behind hit song Adonai

Adonai talks about my relationship with God- Femi One explains

Rapper Femi One

Kaka Empire signee Wanjiku Kimani aka Femi One dropped her first single #Adonai off her upcoming Album called Greatness and fans can’t get enough to the new tune.

The female rapper teamed up with Bern Mziki, who blended well with her flow, hence the production of such a master piece.

Appearing on Pulse Live, Femi explained that Adonai is one of her favorite song off her upcoming Album because it’s based on her personal experience and relationship with God.

“Adonai means God…Adonai is one of my favorite song in the Album and it’s from my own experience, my own relationship with God. God amekuwa akikam through for me and I’m very thankful and I really love the song” Femi One Told Pulse.


Talking about its reception, Femi noted that; “I think ilikama as surprise to my fans, they had not seen the other side of me. The spiritual side, that I have a relationship with God, so it was a surprise but the reception has been good. In the comment section wasee wanasema walikuwa blessed and its doing so well”.

She added that Adonai is a thanksgiving song, that gave her the opportunity to expresses her gratitude to the Almighty God.

"I’m spiritual, Sidhanni kuna msanii si spiritual, Usanii ni ngumu. Usanii brings you closer to God, sidhani kuna wasee spiritual kuliko creatives"

Adonai was produced by Bern Mziki at Kaka Empire Studios, while its video was directed by Steve Mugo of Ambition Media House.


Greatness will be Femi One’s First Album since joining the music Industry 7 years ago.

“The Album is dropping on May 31, 2021 and it has 14 tracks with features from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Zambia. It will help expand brand Femi One into the whole of East Africa before going the whole of Africa”.

We tasked Femi to explain why she opted to name her Album Greatness and this is what she said;


“Because I feel I’m Great, there hasn’t been a female rapper this big in the last like 10-20 years... Nazizi ndo alikuwa hizi levels”.

Adonai Video


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