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Sosuun clarifies relationship status after controversial kiss with female bestie

Sosuun faced backlash after she uploaded a video that showed her sharing a kiss with her female bestie

Kenyan singer Sosuun

Kenyan rapper Sosuun has taken her fans by surprise with a disclosure about the nature of her social media interactions.

In an Instagram post on August 23, the mother of two addressed a recent incident where she faced criticism for sharing a kiss with her female best friend in public.

Sosuun, who is also rapper Kenrazy's ex-wife, defended her actions, asserting that her display of affection was simply an expression of love for her best friend.


A video posted on Sosuun's Instagram account on August 21 showed her and her friend sharing happy moments.

However, what caught the attention of most fans was a moment during which the two shared a kiss.

The video's caption read, "I'm hiding her from everybody," accompanied by a love emoji. It quickly gained traction and fans aired out their unfiltered opinions about the same.


Unfazed by the backlash, Sosuun promptly defended herself against the criticism. The 'Sura Ya Kazi,' responded by pointing out that her social media direct messages (DMs) are now flooded with messages from ladies.


This revelation led her to ponder what some men might be doing wrong in their own dating endeavours.

Moreover, Sosuun clarified her relationship status, revealing that she has been single for an extended period.

She emphasised that she is not currently in a relationship and has no intentions of entering one anytime soon.


She also expressed her reluctance to conform to the modern societal norms of dating, asserting that the existing dating structure is not suited for her.

In addition, she made it clear that she would not engage in interviews on this matter, affirming her commitment to respecting the father of her children.

"Since y'all still need to confirm through my DMs I'll say here again. I am not in a relationship, and it stays that way for the longest coz I ain't build for this current society structure of dating.

"I will not give out interviews on this issue coz ain't no day that will come that I will disrespect the father to my children," she said.

Sosuun redirected the spotlight to her primary focus - her music and her record label.


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