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Sandra Dacha's secret crush: Ruto stole her heart during his MP days

Sandra Dacha confessed having a long time crush for Ruto

Actress Sandra Dacha

Renowned actress Sandra Dacha recently opened up about her long-time celebrity crush, who is none other than President William Ruto.

Speaking in a lighthearted conversation with Oga Obinna on August 3, Sandra candidly admitted that she had a soft spot for Ruto for quiet a long time.

However, she playfully clarified that her admiration for him began before he assumed the presidency.

Who is your celebrity crush? Obinna posed the question to sandra.


"Eeh, Ruto William. I swear, since kitambo akiwa MP... President William Ruto you have been my all time crush since enzi zile ukiwa MP," Sandra said.

However, she hinted that she might be reevaluating her affections and considering a new celebrity crush soon.

"He has been but am trying to change my mind now," she said.


Aside from her celebrity crush revelation, Sandra also touched upon her love story with Akuku Danger.

The actress shared that they first met at the burial ceremony of the late comedian Othuol Othuol in October 2020. What began as a fateful encounter soon blossomed into a beautiful relationship.


The couple's romance took center stage when Sandra publicly disclosed their love during Akuku Danger's fundraising event.

The fundraiser aimed to clear the 2 Million debt that the comedian had left at a Nairobi hospital.

Despite initial skepticism from the public, Sandra and Akuku Danger's love has withstood the test of time.

In the midst of her personal revelations, Sandra proudly shared her joy as a mother to a son who is about to turn nine years old.


While she chose not to delve into details about the child's father, Sandra's love for her son shines through in every word she utters.

As the conversation flowed, Sandra humorously conveyed that her followers and fans, eagerly anticipating her wedding, might have to wait a little longer.

She playfully quipped that this year belongs to the celebrated singer Akothee, suggesting that there's no rush to tie the knot just yet.


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