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Ama hii shida iko kwangu tu? Sandra Dacha shares economic burden she is dealing with

Dacha said in recent years she has seen a major difference which is hurting her pockets

Actress Sandra Dacha

Popular actress, and content creator Sandra Dacha has expressed her frustration over the escalating cost of living.

Dacha voiced her concerns, wondering if she was the only one experiencing the hardships brought on by the current economic situation.

One particular issue that deeply troubled Dacha was the soaring price of electricity. She reminisced about a time not long ago when purchasing tokens worth Sh1,000 would give her 80 units of electricity.

However, she noticed a gradual decline over the years, with the number of units dropping significantly.


“I remember back in 2016 when I used to buy tokens from Kenya Power 1000bob used to give me 80 units! Then it started going down pole pole. It just dropped to 29 units that only lasts 4 days," Dacha lamented.

Dacha questioned whether she was the only one facing this predicament, reaching out to her fellow Kenyans to share their experiences with electricity bills.

Her cry resonated with many who were also grappling with the rising costs and diminishing value of their electricity purchases.


This comes in the wake of an increase in electricity prices imposed by the energy regulation sector in June 2023.

The Kenya Power and Lighting Company, the country's main electricity distributor, raised the base power prices for different consumption levels.

Customers consuming below 30 units saw the price rise to Sh12.22 per unit, up from 10 shillings.

Meanwhile, those using 100 or more units were now paying Sh20.97 per unit, a significant jump from the previous rate of Sh15.8.


The decision to increase electricity prices was justified by Kenya Power, citing the need for funds to upgrade their aging distribution systems and achieve a revenue target of Sh177 billion.

However, this move came as a disappointment to many, especially considering that just three months prior, Kenya Power had promised a four per cent reduction in electricity bills for customers consuming less than 30 units per month.

The rise in power has also seen an increase in the cost of goods and services especially basic commodities.


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