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Thee Pluto contemplates leaving social media over overwhelming criticism

The Pluto has hinted at a possible departure from social media in the coming year

Thee Pluto

Content creator Robert Ndegwa Kamau known as 'The Pluto', has hinted at a possible departure from social media in the coming year.

In a YouTube interview with his girlfriend, Felicity Shiru, on February 6, Thee Pluto shared that he sometimes feels like social media is no longer for him.

During the interview, Pluto and Shiru answered all the assumptions and questions sent in by their fans.

One fan asked why Pluto was not producing content as consistently as he used to, which responded to Shiru assuring the fans that Pluto would return to dropping videos as before.


However, Pluto disagreed and said he might slowly quit and delete all his social media accounts by the end of the year or next year.

"It's not a guarantee that I'll do that. And lately I have began to feel like social media is not my thing.

"Maybe by the end of this year or next year, God willing, I'll quit social media, delete my handles and live a private life," Pluto said.


Pluto has been an active content creator on social media platforms, especially YouTube, where he has a significant following.

The father of two shot to fame with his Thee Pluto Show that 'sanitizes' couples in the streets of Nairobi.

In 2022, Thee Pluto Show led in the Top Creators' category in a ranking released by YouTube.


His fans have always looked forward to his creative content, and his departure would be a significant loss to them.

In addition to residing in a stunning house, Pluto possesses luxurious cars that he frequently shows off on social media.

He was recently accused of engaging in illegal money making schemes, claims which he dismissed them describing those behind them as envious of his success.


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