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Tom Daktari threatens to use 'traditional means' to fight copyright infringement

Tom Daktari says there is a foreigner copyrighting his sounds

Tom Daktari

Comedian and content creator Tom Daktari, in an interview during the Pulse Influencer Awards, revealed that there is a culprit who has been copyrighting his work.

He stated that the individual responsible is not in Kenya, but they have been diligent in copyrighting his content to the extent of being denied ownership of his own work.

"I think there is someone copyrighting my sounds which is very sad. Sound inakuja, anakuja anacopyright, naambiwa someone ambaye hayuko kwa hii country has copyrighted your sound, you cannot use it," Tom said.


He vowed that he was determined to overcome the culprit and even mentioned resorting to spiritual means if the battle persisted.

He shared these thoughts before chuckling and reminiscing about his high school days when he used a similar threat and it proved effective.

Tom recounted an incident when his phone was stolen while he was in college, prompting him to take action to recover it.


In his pursuit, he made a threat, claiming he would travel to his rural hometown to seek the assistance of magic. However, deep down, he knew he was merely jesting and had no intention of using magic.

As it turned out, Tom never actually went anywhere, but coincidentally, the person he suspected fell ill. This led to warnings circulating that no one should ever steal from Kambas.

In the end, his phone was returned, and he explained that Kambas make such claims to instill fear in others, emphasising that they don't possess the actual ability to perform magic.


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